The long arm of the law

Florida’s a scary place. If you ever have the bad luck to be taken hostage there by a guy armed with a gun and a knife, you might find yourself being prosecuted if you survive.

A Florida woman is being accused of not defending her two children as their father stabbed them in the midst of a SWAT team standoff at an RV park.

On Monday, Deanna DeJesus pleaded not guilty to aggravated manslaughter and child neglect in the attack that left her 9-year-old son dead, NBC Miami reports. The 7-year-old, along with the defendant herself, were both severely wounded.

Her husband flipped out, see. He forced the woman and their two kids into the car and drove them all to an RV park, where he shot to death the owner of an RV and settled down in the RV for an afternoon of terrorization.

William Dejesus stabbed every member of his family before killing himself with the knife. His 9-year-old son, who had autism, died from the attack.

Now, Deanna DeJesus is facing up to 45 years in prison for not protecting the boys.

Prosecutors claim that the woman calmly held a child in each arm while her husband asked her which he should kill first. All the mother was able to say in court was that she couldn’t make such a choice, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Her 7-year-old son told investigators that because his mother wasn’t doing anything, he had grabbed a knife in an attempt to save his brother. However, his father regained control of the knife and stabbed him several times.

Deanna DeJesus said that she did not fight her husband because she knew she would be hurt if she did, according to WIOD.  Additionally, her attorney noted that after DeJesus’ husband stabbed her in the lung, she was physically unable to defend her children.

Prosecute that lazy bitch!


  1. Beatrice says

    WTF? (or, since it’s blasphemy day, what the jesus loving fuck!?)

    Please don’t tell me one of the main points of prosecution are surviving son’s words that mum didn’t so anything. If that is the case, I’m not blaming the kid, but I am blaming those damned people using him to lock up his mother.

    Isn’t the usual advice in cases like this for the victim to try not to resist the kidnapper/attacker and hope?

  2. says

    I find that thinking about it doesn’t make it come out better. Hunting doesn’t turn up a reasonable explanation. It seems batshit insane no matter which angle I examine it from.

  3. Beatrice says

    Oh well; intimidation, a woman murdered in front of her, being stabbed, collapsed lung… all minor unpleasantness she should have gotten over.

  4. Anonymous Atheist says

    Wow. This is a whole new level of ‘blame the victim’.

    Beatrice – From the information available, I don’t see any other way the prosecution could have any idea what supposedly happened in the trailer, unless there was some neighbor who was watching through the window or something. Husband dead, older son dead, wife would never have said anything like she ‘sat there calmly’, and that just leaves the younger son, trying to describe a very confusing event in unsophisticated ways, while quite likely being manipulated by an overeager prosecution team to extract what they wanted to hear.

  5. Dave Ricks says

    Well, from the Huffington Post, “William Dejesus entered an RV at random, forcing his family inside. He shot and killed the RV’s owner, 76-year-old Ovila Plante, and then held Plante’s 72-year-old girlfriend, Pierrette Beauchemin, at gunpoint.” So she was in the RV, and might be a witness, at least how I read that. But I still don’t understand the charges.

  6. says

    Prosecutors claim that the woman calmly held a child in each arm while her husband asked her which he should kill first. All the mother was able to say in court was that she couldn’t make such a choice, according to the Sun Sentinel.

    Yes, because as every good mother can tell you, we all have a plan and our choice made for those moments.

    Another chapter in the book of “women are for making children and if they don’t they can rot”
    How does the bitch dare to survive?

  7. evelyn brown says

    no this makes perfect sense. see, the kid just lost his brother and father (who likely wasnt an ideal parent to begin with), and they have to be absolutely certain he doesnt have a mother to go back to. how would those brave souls rest at night, knowing a badly traumatized child had a mother left? sometimes, no matter how little power you have, no matter how weary you are, you have to stand up to ‘the man’, who is, in this case, a newly single mother with a punctured lung mourning her dead son.

    alternative theory: she didnt make a choice of which of her children was going to die *first*. one of them was autistic! everyone knows we arent people! she clearly and objectively should have chosen that one to die first. it should have been obvious the one she didnt choose was going to live. simple easy choice, and she couldnt do it. clearly an unfit mother, and they need to find *some* way to prosecute her. how could they live with themselves if they didnt?

  8. michaelpowers says

    W.T.F. ??? Florida is the only reason I don’t feel so bad about living in Arizona. Seriously.

  9. Misty Marshall says

    We need to start a petition….there is no reason not put social pressure here. This is absolutely nuts. Is there nothing being done, if there any links would be great. We have social media and social power and in such an unfair situation we must speak up with all forms of media.


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