Surely it’s just a coincidence

They’re talking about the “don’t mention the religion” problem at the Freethinker, too. Barry Duke Mentioned in the last paragraph of the post.

Last year, the British government’s Forced Marriage Unit investigated more than 1,400 cases of forced marriages, most of which occur in Muslim communities. Britain is home to more than 1.8 million Muslims, most from Pakistani roots.

But that’s the Freethinker, not the BBC or the Guardian.



  1. barrypearson says

    It sometimes gets mentioned in those sources, but if you want it spelled out each time read the Daily Mail!

    The link with Islam typically isn’t direct. The Koran doesn’t mention FGM, nor (I think) forced marriage. The correlation is cultural, not scriptural.

    What Islam does is actually worse. It defines women to be 2nd class beings for eternity. Wife beating; half the inheritance; half the value of evidence in court; etc. All explicit in the Koran which is the final word of Allah.

    Once you have defined a group to be 2nd class, anything goes. (It is a standard tactic when waging total war). There becomes every reason not to have empathy for 2nd class beings, and no strong motivation to work for equality.

    What is needed is for all news sources to raise awareness of the unenlightened nature of Islam in its natural state. There is plenty of stuff that is explicit and indisputable.

  2. says

    “Once you have defined a group to be 2nd class, anything goes.”

    Exactly. Think…commodities. Think… marrying without their family’s acceptance, and sometimes for marrying outside their caste or religion. Think… perceived “purity” of a lineage. Think… social equilibrium. Think… sexual jealousy that is argued to have evolved in order to reduce the risk of children not being biologically related and to be relatively stronger in men.

    Men may use a variety of strategies, including physical violence, in order to prevent adultery. It happens everywhere in Western society. Women – in some men’s minds – are defined as mere 2nd class citizens. It’s rather ironic too that honour killings have been argued to be maladaptive by-products of this, since – by killing the woman she cannot contribute further to the man’s reproductive success. However, it has also been argued that such killings may be adaptive by being a warning to other wives, restoring lost social status, and preventing complications from possibly not genetically related child

    These centuries-old traditions are so hard to deal with as they’re so entrenched in religion.

    The men (sometimes women) obviously become very frustrated too when their families move to countries such as Britain, where the men (mostly) it appears have grave difficulties controlling their daughters who are caught up in Western ways. Their mindsets still belong to the countries where these centuries-old traditions were practiced.

  3. says

    Presumably the British government didn’t discover every case of forced marriage, so the real incidence rate is higher. Still, I’m curious as to how they found the 1,400 needles in the 1.8 million straw haystack. Are all of these cases self-reported?

  4. says

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