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A reminder – if you haven’t already, please sign the petition asking the Obama admin to call on Indonesia to free Alexander Aan. And above all please pass it on – via Twitter, Facebook, reddit, all those other thingies that I don’t even know the names of which (ok I know the name of tumblr), blogs, friends, networks, everything. It has to get 25,000 signatures by August 16th, so spreading the word is urgent.

Most people have no trouble signing but a few do. I did, I got a silly message saying there had been too many attempts to sign in from my IP address, which made no sense, since there hadn’t been any. But they sent me a new password with no fuss, so if you get a hassle just swallow your irritation and jump through the hoops. We can’t expect the White House to make it easy for us to sign their petitions, now can we! [mutter mutter democracy mutter]

Dooooooo eeeeeeeeeeet. Thank you.


  1. says

    Yes. Michael De Dora CFI’s public policy person who drew up the petition says yes, non-US citizens can sign.


  2. says

    Ophelia, thanks for the heads-up about the weird system message concerning IP address. I got that too, but requesting a new password helped solve the issue.


    Is it OK for non-US citizens to sign?

    Anyone who has a petition account at the website can sign. This doesn’t seem to have anything to do with citizenship; it is an appeal to the US administration to intervene. The petition account seems to be open to any individual from any country.

  3. says

    Yeah, I got that same system message on my first log-in try yesterday, but got past it. Irritating fail on their part, but definitely worth pressing on!

  4. highdudgeonaz says

    Very much want to sign. Stupid WH website keeps blocking me, even after I requested a new password. Any alternatives available?

  5. says

    Argh! That’s maddening.

    I’ll tell Michael…but it’s infuriating, because most people who have been prevented once won’t go back after it’s fixed.

  6. highdudgeonaz says

    In the words of the estimable Homer J. Simpson: Sweet Merciful Crap!

    I don’t know what you did, but this time when I signed in, it worked. Petition signed forthwith and post-haste.

  7. says

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