Who wrote this crap?

An attendee at QED, Al Johnston, posted a pic of me doing my talk on my Facebook page today. It’s quite amusing and characteristic, so with his permission I made it my profile pic. (Note that it’s copyright, so don’t copy it anywhere without asking him – not that you’d want to, but you know.)

(C)2012 Al Johnston, all rights reserved

Anyway – that’s very me.


  1. Grendels Dad says

    If you have ever considered running a captioning contest this photo has to be the inspiration.

  2. karmakin says

    As much as a picture can capture the essence of a person….

    Yup. That’s you all right.

  3. says

    Yes. Seriously awesome photo. They don’t emerge readily — for anyone — and often only when assisted by lots of fancy lighting, props and so forth. One to be treasured.

  4. 'Tis Himself, OM says

    “It can’t be Col. Mustard, so it has to be Miss Scarlet in the kitchen with the lead pipe.”

  5. Stacy says

    OK–which of you wise guys replaced my talk with several pages full of Alain de Botton’s tweets?

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