Well at least I know exactly what I’m going to talk about at QED. Oh yes. Suddenly as of today there was only one possible topic.


  1. Stewart says

    It’s probably coincidence (all these extreme cases in different places within days of each other), but it really does feel like a big backlash against our freedom of speech. Looking back, we’ll probably realise that’s what it was.

  2. Kylie Sturgess says

    Hope you enjoy the convention! It was a lot of fun last year (and the restaurant downstairs is open with wifi until the very tiny hours). 🙂

  3. Steersman says

    I hope there’s plenty of security there with lots of cameras. And a ready willingness to expeditiously remove anyone showing up in a burka.

  4. maureen.brian says

    And you have Steve Jones there with you! You can pick his brain on why UCL gets worse rather than better at coping with religious nuts and their intimidation or, in his case, taking people on to study biology who want the “without evolution, please” recipe.

  5. raymoscow says

    I had a residential course in that hotel last year.

    The hotel bar is terrible (crap beers but really expensive), but there is a nice pub just across the street, with real ales, traditional atmosphere and nice people.

  6. raymoscow says

    Sorry — I got my hotels mixed up. I haven’t stayed in this hotel (Mecure Manchester Picadilly), and its bar might be fine. I still recommend the nearby pub (The Bull Head on London Road, across from Picadilly train station.)

    I hope to attend the QED conference, too.

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