A riotous hashtag at Twitter, instantly addictive. I’ve been snorting with laughter and failing to drag myself away.

A few –

Breezy Hilltops

Harry Potter and the Trip to ASDA – Rhys Morgan.

Afternoon Excursion on the Beagle

Their Eyes Were Watching Netflix – Katha Pollitt.

Nice Place Lost

Squabble and Peace

Crime and a Talking To – lots of people and versions.

Around the Block in 80 Days

Bikespotting – Troels Heeger.

Two Men in a Boat – Greg Laden.

A Streetcar Named 87

Nap of a Salesman

The Glass Farmyard

The Little House in the Suburbs


  1. Arty Morty says

    One Hundred Rounds of Solitaire #lessambitiousbooks

    (I’d tweet that if I had the Twitter.)

  2. Pierre Masson says

    Who’s afraid of Virginia Chipmunk?
    The Wizkid of Oz
    Catch 2
    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Solar System

  3. David Hart says

    I gotta tell you, Quincyme, Game of Stools is still going to be ambitious, just for all the wrong reasons.

  4. says

    Moderately Loud and Not Particularly Distant

    The MIddle-Aged Man And The Lake

    The Girl Who Played With A Flashlight

    Becoming Reasonably Good At The Art Of French Cooking

    Love’s Labours Outsourced

    Atlas Gave A Strange, Quizzical Expression (or Charles Atlas Shrugged)

    The Power Of Positive Thinking of Pooh


    You Shall Know Our Velocity! (But Not Our Position At The Same Time. That’s Physically Impossible.)

    House Of Two By Fours

    The Embarrassingly Public Life of Walter Mitty

    Trepidation And Mild Annoyance in Barstow

    The Clockwork Lemonade Valium Test

    The Moderately Dim Teatime of the Soul

    Lord of the Moths

  5. papango says

    From Here to Over There

    An Orange

    I, Claude

    The Naked and the Dressed

    The Quick and the Slow

    On the Couch

  6. says

    God is Not So Bad

    A Cupboard of One’s Own

    The Gathering Rain Shower

    Very Brief Lives

    Crime and Admonishment

    Who Has Seen the Window

    The Halfback of Notre Dame

    Ann of Green Gables

    Little House on the Lawn

    On the Origin of Specie

    The Self-fulfilled Gene

  7. 'Tis Himself, OM. says

    Tale of One City
    Merchant of Venice, California
    Naked Mid-Afternoon Snack
    Wealth of Counties
    Lard of the Ring
    A Weed Grows In Brooklyn

  8. Sili says

    The One-and-a-Halfth Gender.

    For Whom the Triangle Tinkles.

    The Islands in Russia.

    The Spy Who Came in From the Mild Discomfort.

    (I suck at this.)

    The ex-CEO Will Return to His Job.

    Two Fellas From Florence.

  9. Jurjen S. says

    Androcles and the Hamster

    The Casually Dressed Lunch

    The Old Man and the Puddle

    The Lost Saturday Afternoon

    The Dogs of Mild Argument

    To Chase Off a Mockingbird

  10. says

    Well, now look what you made me do!

    I haven’t spent this much time on Twitter for ages – it’s very nice to be able to follow your link to the cream of the drek.

    So I read many and laughed a lot (is that a LAL?) and made a few modest contributions to the mirth:

    The Yiddish Policeman’s Onion

    The Big Nap

    A Farewell To Ankes

    The Wind In The Pillows

    A Confederacy of Underachievers

    And I loved “Captain Correli’s double bass.” But then I would.


  11. Forbidden Snowflake says

    Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Solar System

    The Somewhat Unorthodox Verses

    The Near-sighted Assassin

  12. sailor1031 says

    History of the World in 9.05 chapters

    The pink pig of Lucius Apuleius

    From Queens with slight affection

  13. Stacy says

    The Developmentally Disabled Guy

    The Canterbury Tweets

    The Whine and the Umbrage

    A Raisin in the Oatmeal

    A Good Man is–Look, There’s One Now!

  14. Stacy says

    Serious Disagreement Confederation.

    (The first rule of Serious Disagreement Confederation is, you do not chatter unnecessarily about Serious Disagreement Confederation. Unless, you know, it happens to come up in conversation.)

  15. says

    Crime and Admonishment made me chuckle. I like Ann of Green Gables as well.

    The Jane Austen Modernisation:-

    Entitlement and Bigotry
    Braynes and Feelingness
    Northanger Bungalow
    Mansfield Allotment
    Arm Twisting

  16. Juniper Shoemaker says

    A Moveable Snack

    O, Souvenirs!

    One Looked Up at the Cuckoo’s Nest

    The Kidney Is a Duplicate Organ

    Superciliousness Fair

  17. says

    The Importance of Being Quite Serious.

    Lady Loverly’s Chatter

    Not Quite Far Enough from the Annoying Crowd

    The War of the Words

    Sleeping Reasonably Attractive

    The Rather Boring Wives of Windsor

  18. kev_s says

    Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Kettling of Crowds

    The Roads from Freedom

    Homily to Catalonia

    The Curious Incident of the God in the Night Time

    Whore and Police

  19. Jurjen S. says

    On a Shoestring Budget in London and Paris

    Brideshead Driven Past Twice

    Of Human Attachment

    Les Mécontents

    The Discomfort of Ivan Ilyich

    Looking up Sakhalin in an Atlas

    The Gulag Atoll

    The Man Who Would Be Deputy Prime Minister

    Bleak Shed

  20. Sili says

    Of Rodents and Women

    Affection in an Afternoon of Man-flu

    Scandinavian Timber

    Nietzsche at the Lake

    Hum of Hums

    The Gospel According to Bruce

    Name of the Primrose

  21. Pierre says

    How about:
    The Old and New Codicils which comprise the Holy Kibble…

    The Sixth Tense (the movie, maybe a novel too?)

  22. 'Tis Himself, OM. says

    A Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Man
    Cowardly Old World
    The Raisins of Disgruntlement
    The French Corporal’s Girlfriend
    Something Annoying That Way Goes
    Mahayana and the Art of Pipefitting
    The Hunt for Blue September
    Call of the Tame

  23. Stewart says

    Not an original of mine, but remembered from way back:

    How Green Was My Topographical Depression

  24. Stacy says

    The Guy Who Liked Small Fry

    The Disagreeable Perkiness of Existence

    Clever Plasma

    We Have Always Lived in the Tract House

    Tourist at Muck-About Creek

    The Troll-Beset World

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