Boko Haram murder more Christians

They warned them. They said get out in three days or we’ll kill you. Totally fair.

Gunmen have stormed a church service in Nigeria, killing six people and wounding 10, the church’s pastor said, the latest in a string of attacks that has raised fears of sectarian conflict in Africa’s most populous nation.

“It was around 7:30 pm (1830 GMT),” Pastor John Jauro told AFP news agency of Thursday’s attack in the city of Gombe.

“I was leading the congregation in prayers. Our eyes were closed when some gunmen stormed the church and opened fire on the congregation. Six people were killed in the attack and 10 others were wounded.”

He said there was confusion as worshippers sought to flee at the Deeper Life Christian Ministry Church.

Local police spokesman Ahmed Muhammad confirmed the attack, but declined to say how many people the gunmen killed and wounded.

The attack comes after a purported spokesman for Islamist group Boko Haram on Sunday issued a three-day ultimatum for Christians living in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north to leave the region or they would be killed.

There was, however, no claim of responsibility for the attack.

God is great.


  1. says

    So far as I can make out, historically this is the way that Islam was spread. Once Muslim population reaches a certain density, it uses force and terrorism to convert or drive people of other religions away. In the past, often the result was the enslavement of the obdurate.

  2. cents says

    Just another example of the Muslim philosophy that has unfortunately worked so successfully for the propagation of “the religion of peace”. The ends justify the means.

  3. Achrachno says

    “God is great.” Maybe (since no one has ever seen him who can say?), but his followers are certainly not.

  4. mirax says

    I remember laughing at the Boko haram(aka books are evil) when I first read about them several years ago – they were then railing and ranting about the teaching of the water cycle (seriously!) and appeared spectacularly stupid even by fundie standards.

    But northern nigeria is a crazy,dangerous place run by evil motherfuckers and quite a lot of muslim politicians saw the potential in BK. where do you think the guns and bombs come from?

    On a much less lethal scale, you can see muslim politicians doing exactly this kind of ‘nurturing’ of muslim fundie groups in countries like Malaysia, so the danger is not confined to Nigeria.

  5. says

    As an (ex-)European I am just glad that Carolus Martellus and those that followed him through the Middle Ages and early modern period stopped the bastards!
    At least for a while…

  6. Ashley Moore says

    @ 2.

    Eric you should check out the history of the Islamification of Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country.

    Islam is spread like any other religion, sometimes through conquest, sometimes through cultural osmosis, something through economic means.

  7. carlie says

    So if they were to get charged for murder, would they try to pull the mentally ill card to get out of it? Seems to work for religious murders in general.

  8. says

    Ashley, Indonesia is the statistical outlier when it comes to the spread of Islam. The European and North African experience (and a large part of the Indian experience) is much closer to Eric’s description.

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