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Haredi protesters pitch a fit about a new girls’ school – a religious school! – next to “their” neighborhood.

Senior Beit Shemesh rabbis took part in the rally, in which participants called for “maintaining the purity of the haredi neighborhoods against strangers plotting to desecrate them, backed by the evil regime.”

Got it all, dunnit –  purity, strangers, plotting, desecrate, the evil regime. You can’t get much more viciously crazy and anti-human than that.

A female journalist was assaulted by a small group of young protestors, who
cursed and spat at her as well…

According to the students’ parents, groups of radical haredim arrive at the
school from time to time and swear at the girls.

Two haredi men were arrested this week on suspicion of throwing eggs and
tomatoes at students. About two weeks ago, stones were hurled at a boys’ school belonging to the same educational network, injuring a student in the leg.

The haredim are opposed to the girls’ school due to its location, facing the windows of a haredi neighborhood. Efforts to reach an understanding between the haredi residents and the national-religious parents before the start of the school year failed.

Religion makes people just wonderful.



  1. Grace says

    You think you’ve heard it all, then this. What an awful bunch of kids, going to school like that. Just obscene. Where are the parents?

  2. says

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I’m embarrassed and disgraced on behalf of my people.

    I’ve heard that the new thing in haredi circles is for the women to eat in the kitchen while the men eat at the table. Y’know, so the men aren’t distracted from their important talk of obscure and pointless religious texts by, oh, unimportant stuff like REAL LIFE.

    Just when I think the haredi can’t piss me off more, they figure out a way to do it.

  3. Anat says

    a religious school! – next to “their” neighborhood.

    Eh, probably not ‘their’ brand of religion. I couldn’t find the details, so I don’t know if this is supposed to be a state religious school or a school of one of the Mizrahi religious networks. In the former case it is just being holier than though, in the latter it is racism too.

  4. says

    Abusing young girls and threating a girls’ school as a threat? That sounds strangely familiar…who else does that sort of thing? Oh yeah, those guys we fought so hard to dislodge from Afghanistan! So why the fuck are we supporting another lunatic regime that’s starting to act so similar to our enemies?

    Fuck Israel. If they’re gone this far into pointless extremism after so many decades of consistent US support, maybe the best thing we can do for them now is to cut off all the aid and force them to face reality on its own terms.

  5. Brian M says

    Raging Bee asks a good question except that not all Israelis support such evil. Still…as they become more and more prominent this question becomes more and more serious!

    I might also note that many of “our” “allies” in Afghanistan have very similar opinions. Heck…the only government Afghanistan has ever had that had any concern at all about women’s rights was the EVILLLLL Communist one. Until our training and weapons supplied to religious nuts and tribal warlords dislodged them for geopolitical reasons.

  6. RJW says

    #10 Raging Bee

    “maybe the best thing we can do for them now is to cut off all the aid and force them to face reality on its own terms.”

    Yeah, sure, that’ll be the day.

    #12 Brian M

    “….not all Israelis support such evil.”

    According to my sources, the Haredi are in fact, despised as troublemaking parasites by segments of the more secular Israeli population. But hey, what can you do?

    What an exquisite paradox, those who reject Zionism flourish within its protection.

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