Alien vs. Wizards, directed by my subconscious

I feel lucky that I frequently have very vivid, detailed dreams, sometimes to the point that I can lucid dream. The other night I had a particularly amazing one:

I was trying to survive an alien invasion, darting from place to place to find a safe spot to hunker down. During that process, I was somehow able to arm myself. In my left hand I wielded a plasma pistol from X-Com, and in the right I had a Harry Potter wand. As I shot aliens with my left, I cast spells with my right. And yes, I mean Dream Jen was actually casting legitimate Harry Potter spells. Most of the time I was screaming Protego to create a barrier to reflect incoming laser beams, and when I had a chance to go on the offense I used Incendio to set the aliens on fire. Mostly because Dream Jen couldn’t remember any other spells (in retrospect, it’s amazing I remembered any in a freaking dream). When I shouted to Dream Boyfriend (who was also shooting plasma at aliens) to help me remember other spell names, he reminded me he wasn’t a Harry Potter fanatic like me and how the hell should he know any names. When things started getting hairy, I Avada Kedavra’d as many aliens as I could, while explaining that in this case using the worst Unforgivable Curse was morally justifiable because COME ON ALIEN INVASION.

I then tweeted this dream. Someone chimed in that my brain was pitching an idea for a film. I dubbed it Alien vs. Wizards and declared it should be made.

Twitter delivered. My dream had been retroactively fulfilled: apparently the BBC already has a TV series called Wizards vs. Aliens.

Sometimes the world is a wonderful place. A wonderful place where we wonder what would happen if wizards had to fight off alien invasions.


  1. Howard Bannister says

    The logical conclusion is that your dreaming mind can time travel, pitch to Russell T. Davies, but is for some reason not concerned about royalties.

    Typical dream-mind, really.

  2. says

    I just watched a trailer for this. The alien spaceship looked like a cross between DS9 and the mothership in CE3K. The aliens looked like they used the same puppets that were used in Critters. I enjoy bad movies and TV, but I think I’ll pass on this.

  3. seraphymcrash says

    I’m not an expert or anything, but I think the diagnosis for these kinds fo dreams is pretty cut and dry. I think the clinical term is “wicked awesome”, but someone may want to double check me.

  4. seraphymcrash says

    Also, are you playing on Ironman mode (that term just hit me as kinda sexist…) on X-com? I think thats the name of the mode where you can’t reload a game, so all the terrible stuff that happens is permanent?

    It’s harder, but I think it makes a much more memorable experience, and certainly increases the dramatic tension when you take a high risk action.

  5. Kevin S says

    Just count yourself lucky the aliens were out of plasma grenades. Those damn greys always know JUST where to throw one.

    On the plus side skepticism and rationality must give you pretty high natural psi strength…

    (Just realized I’m thinking of the ’94 X-COM, which may not actually be the correct referent here.)

  6. otranreg says

    What do you think about Enemy Unknown, by the way? (if that’s what you’re referring to)

  7. elvenpiratefish says

    Your dream made me think of a board/card game I just bought called Smashup…its awesome! Your geeky mind would probably explode from the awesome!

  8. alkkemist says

    Or how about a universe where aliens were repelling a wizard invasion….Gandalf vs Tribbles….

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