Movin’ on up

My boyfriend and I were reading the news, and we happened to be reading an interesting pair of articles at the same time:

Boyfriend: *reading title* University of Washington research ranks fourth among world universities.
Me: *reading title* Purdue ranks second in FBI hate crime report.
Boyfriend: Well, at least it wasn’t first.

We’re number two! We’re number… …ugh.


  1. mayanskeptic says


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    it is the video about the PIGS

  2. says

    I’m actually applying to UW tomorrow; this makes me really hope they take me >.>

    Also, quite glad I skipped on Purdue… That’s awful =\

  3. joachim says

    Its sad how many atheists are haters.

    You can blow that off, but face it…thats how a lot of people see it.

  4. ah58 says


    What? Where did that come from? You’re saying that all the hate crimes at Purdue were done by atheists? Does simply talking about haters make you one?

  5. sambarge says

    Joachim – You should warm up your muscles before you stretch like that. You could tear something.

  6. says

    Its sad how many atheists are haters.

    You can blow that off, but face it…thats how a lot of people see it.

    Just in case you aren’t being deliberately obtuse, I’d recommend reading some of Jen’s older posts about being at Purdue; it wasn’t exactly an atheist-friendly environment. Hate crimes, as is almost universal in the United States (due to cultural bigotry), are much, much more likely to target atheists than to be committed by atheists.

  7. left0ver1under says

    “UW ranks fourth”

    Meanwhile, the prominent front page coverage on the UW site this Sunday is about the loss to Boise State.

    Clearly, some people have got their priorities straight. Too bad it’s in the reverse order.

  8. Nick Gotts (formerly KG) says


    I’ve never read any comment from you that doesn’t exude hate. You can blow that off but face it… that’s how a lot people see it.

  9. brucecoppola says

    Tsk, Jen…you only got accepted at a lowly 4th place institution? So much for your Nobel chances. :)

    Now, totally OT: Ever since you posted those beautiful pics of you and the BF hiking last summer, I’ve wondered if you’ve been tempted to try kayaking or canoeing since you’re in a primo location for paddlesports. Nice way to decompress from stressful situations like grad school and blog trolls.

    Like so many others, glad you’re back. And glad you’re at a great school in a great place!

  10. beezlebubby says

    I see joachim is tainting another ftb site with absurd, fact-free attacks. Blog after blog, post after post, no substance, nothing to contribute, and nothing but petty little insults. An entirely pathetic, irrelevant, and useless commenter.
    Happy 2013 Jen. Good luck with your academics, and keep up the good freethought work. Maybe I’ll get it together and make a convention this year…yours is one of the many hands I’d like to shake in gratitude.

  11. RunningDogs says

    The reason that you’re number two is that your school has a different reporting mechanism than others.

    Does anyone actually read these links?

  12. B says

    Total number of students enrolled at Purdue in 2012 = 39256
    Total number of reported hate crimes (though numbers are not 100% accurate, lets assume under reporting of 100%) = 7 reported in the linked article, so double that to 14.

    14/39256 = .03%

    Lets even take it times 10!
    70 hate crimes
    70/39256 = .17%

    Seems pretty safe to me.

    You can never get rid of people who are willing to commit crime, but crime can be reduced.
    How much more would you expect this particular crime to be reduced?

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