Who wants a Pharyngula podcast?

PZ asks you to weigh in here. I’d be all for it!

I admit I’ve toyed around with the idea of podcasting for a while, but I just don’t have the time to do the administrative stuff that’s involved in hosting your own. I don’t have good recording equipment, but most importantly I don’t have the time to edit or organize. I’m happy to spontaneously show up and yap on someone else’s podcast, though!

Sometimes I wish I could just record the completely random, geeky, snarky conversations I have with my boyfriend and roommate. Especially when we’re all inebriated.

I admit I’m not a huge podcast person, just because I prefer to read things at my own pace instead of having to tune in. I’m terrible at multitasking when I’m listening to something, so I have to have a block of time to devote to listening. I also don’t really listen to skeptical/atheist podcasts because I get burnt out from the blogosphere. But the two podcasts I make an exception for are the Savage Love podcast with Dan Savage, and Smodcast with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier.

Which podcasts are your favorites?

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  1. Steve A.E. says

    The History of Rome by Mike Duncan. Start from the beginning; he gets better as he goes along, including the sound quality. It gets addictive eventually.

    99% Invisible (not about Occupy but about design) is really terrific and often fascinating.

    The Memory Palace, charmingly produced stories of often obscure American history, is wonderful but irregular.

    Also check out The Bugle, “one of the universe’s leading satirical comedy podcasts,” of which The Daily Show’s John Oliver is the 2nd funniest co-host. It’s probably the funniest podcast I’ve heard.

    Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show is available as audio podcast. Obviously a different kind of show than the others, but it’s probably what I listen to most frequently–something interesting and edifying five days a week.

    Fresh Air from NPR is only sometimes very interesting, but the episodes are well-labeled now, so that helps a lot.

  2. L.Long says

    Since my time is limited I only listen to a few podcast down loaded on my MP3 player….AngryAtheist, Atheist Experince Show, Ardent Atheist, Ask An Atheist, Astronomy Cast, BigPictureScience, Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot, Critical Eye, DogmaFreeAmerica, ForGoodReason, Geologic, GodlessBitches, GoodAtheistPodcast, HumanistHour, Imaginary Friends, InKredulous, MonsterTalk, Morality in the Real World, Naked Astronomy, NakedOceans, NakedScientist, New Humanist, NonProphets, OhNo, PhelosopherZone, PodDelusion, PointOfInquiry, PseudoScientist, RealityCast, ReasonableDoubts, RighteousIndignation, ScienceWeekly, SecularBuddhist, SencientDevelopment, SGU 5×5, Skepticality, SkepticallySpeaking, SkepticsGuideUniverse, SkepticZone, Skeptoid, Skeptx With A-K, StarTalk, TruthDrivenThinking, Wienersmith, Wild about Math

    with MonsterTalk, SGU, Skepticality, RealityCast are my favorites but I like them all for various reasons.

  3. says

    The Professional Left Podcast is great. There is a liberal podcast called Bruno and the Professor which also talks a little about Seattle area affairs.

  4. Tideliar says

    Naked Scientists and their spinoffs, especially Naked Astronomy. Also the one on BBC that Brian Cox and Robin Ince do from time-to-time…cant remember what it’s called though right now.

    Podcasts are great for travelling and dining alone when travelling. Even wearing earbuds/earphones is enough to discourage conversation. Used to do that in lab to stop my annoying postdoc coworker talking to me :)

  5. kaboobie says

    I used to follow several skeptical podcasts, but SGU is the only one I keep up with these days. I’m a big Savage Love Podcast fan too. Two of my very favorites come out more often than once a week; they are mostly interviews so at least I can be a bit selective about which ones I prioritize. Those are The Nerdist and WTF with Marc Maron.

  6. Slugsie says

    I’m like you Jen, multitasking whilst listening to a Podcast is a recipe for disaster. Either I have to rewind the podcast every few minutes, or the job at hand goes awry. My solution is to listen whilst out walking. Luckily for me I walk to work and back, so that’s a good 40minutes or more a day for listening.

    Favourite podcasts:
    Skeptics Guide to the Universe and SGU 5×5
    The Naked Scientists
    Monster Talk
    The Weekly Weinersmith
    The Bugle
    Big Picture Science
    plus a few more.

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