What video games are you looking forward to?

I’m absolutely itching to play the new Civilization 5 expansion, Gods and Kings. I’m such a fan that I’ll buy almost anything Civ craps out, but I’m legitimately excited about  this expansion…because it brings back religion.

I know, I know. It’s a little ironic for me to be excited about religion. But I love winning the game through peace and manipulation instead of all out warfare. I just find wars tedious and not as fun as developing my nation’s culture and infrastructure. Religion is a great way to spread culture, make money, and manipulate other countries into being your friends (or enemies). And this time you get to customize the traits of your religion to fit your needs, instead of all of the different religions being effectively the same.

I’m also dying for Skulls of the Shogun to come out, but who knows when that’ll be released. I played it at PAX last August and it’s still not out!

And while this isn’t a new game…I’m newly addicted to Tropico 4. What can I say, I love strategy games. Not to mention it has one of the best soundtracks ever. I’ve caught myself humming the songs all the time.

What video games are you looking forward to or currently addicted to? Do you have any suggestions for a new game my boyfriend and I can play together? We’ve beaten just about everything there is to beat in Dungeon Defenders. …Well, except that stupid Genie expansion level, because seriously, fuck that level. It’s not even Fun Hard…it’s just stupidly irritating.

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  1. unbound says

    Been playing the Guild Wars 2 beta, and I’ve been having a blast. Lots of nice new twists to an aging genre. Definitely looking forward to its release…

  2. Otranreg says

    Ooh, didn’t know about the expansion for Civ5, will probably be worth checking out.

    Not exactly in the ‘looking forward to’ department — more like ‘hoping there is a chance they’ll make it’ — is a sequel for Alpha Centauri. It’s a shame that there hasn’t been done anything in the series for the last 11 years, and it’d be great to see a Civ5-based game in that setting.

  3. Otranreg says

    Have you tried any of Paradox strategy games? Crusader Kings 2 is their newest and (quite deservedly) their most successful release.

  4. Gideon says

    Playing team fortress 2 a lot. Been addicted since I started playing. Gotta move that gear up!

  5. Michael says

    I just started playing Civ for the first time a bit over a month ago and have got really into it. I don’t think I’ll get any of the expansions though because I’m really cheap.

    I also prefer peaceful victories, but I’ve found war near impossible to avoid. Just a couple days ago I was about to finish my first full game without a single war. I was literally one turn away from my diplomatic victory…and then for no apparent reason Napoleon declared war on me. It didn’t change the outcome, but the timing was hilarious.

  6. says

    My current obsession with the Mass Effect universe is probably affecting my life for the worse. In fact, I recently started reading a book about how to change life habits directly because video games have taken over my life to a point where it’s counterproductive.

    Having said that, I still hope to see Half-Life 3 some day before I die.

  7. says

    Assassin’s Creed 3. Besides me being a history nerd, the series has an awesome freethought message to it. Some of the best storytelling and worldbuilding happening now is in those games.

  8. Joven says

    Ive pretty much given up hoping anything will be good.

    Almost every game I have anticipated in the last 2 years, looked forwarded too, or got excited about has turned out to be shit, usually, or a big disappointment at best. (doesnt help that Im fairly mentally fucked up, and have to fight back thoughts that its all intentional and that things that I like only exist so they can be ruined.)

    Maybe something will surprise me and actually turn out to be good, but I doubt it at this point.

    I was looking forward to ‘Thief 4’, loved the other games, but Im sure it will get dumbed down, or the atmosphere ruined, or copy Assassins Creed annoying controls, or any number of things to ruin it.

    Was looking forward to ‘Beyond Good and Evil 2’, but Im sure they’ll find some way to destroy it, if not just end up not making it.

    Im only allowing myself to enjoy/anticipate ‘Project CARS’ because I’m watching it get made, and at least got my moneys worth out of how much I’ve played the pre-alpha builds so far.

    I went in on the kickstarter for ‘Grim Dawn’ mostly out of spite for Diablo 3, which is probably the only reason I’m allowing myself any kind of anticipation for Torchlight 2 still.

  9. hieropants says

    New Tex Murphy game, fully funded since last night! I’m so happy about all this Kickstarter support for old-school adventure games, including Tim Schafer’s and Jane Jenson’s projects.

  10. Brice Gilbert says

    There haven’t really been many co-op game as of late I could recommend. The last one was probably Portal 2 last year. Been playing Diablo 3, but I think I’m at the point where I need to admit to myself that I just don’t like it. Favorite game of the year so far has been Journey. Probably one of my favorite games ever. It’s just an amazing quick hour and 45 minute experience that is quite something. Probably going to get into Gravity Rush tonight. Optimistic about it. Haven’t really played a great Japanese game in a while. I need to start digging into my backlog with the time I have as a result of the summer game drought.

  11. Silly Walker says

    Personally, I’m waiting to grab Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion. Yeah, I know it’s out, but I’ve got a few things that I need to take care of before I can spend hours destroying other civilizations.

  12. Joven says

    me too, essentially I’m just a hate filled horrible person all-around. (and as I dont have much in my life, the few things I have any enjoyment in get the brunt of my ire.)

    *not that I havent enjoyed any games lately, its just I’ve been too consistently let down to get my hopes up about much.

    Most my gaming enjoyment any more comes from stuff like Cut the Rope, King of Frogs, World of Goo, and puzzle games like The Misadventures of PB Winterbottom, or games where you can ignore a lot of it and just focus on the fun stuff like Just Cause 2 (think i played that for over 200hours, and that was mostly just traversing.)

  13. says

    games I am playing… Time for a big list.
    Shogun 2 is pretty fun, but single player. Analogue:A Hate Story is really good, singleplayer, but worth getting. Team Fortress 2 is multiplayer, and pretty fun. Sanctum is quite good, multiplayer and singleplayer, but usually not a lot of people playing. Portal 2 is not as excellent as the original, but has a co-op multiplayer, not a versus mode. Garrysmod is kind of fun, but is either singleplayer or over the internet multiplayer, although with addons and mods, there is an insane amount of fun to be had, and actually, lots of people use it to make stop motion films and other such things. Bioshock and Bioshock 2 are both good. Brawl Busters is okay, can get repetitive very fast. Deus Ex Human Revolution is not that good, for an RPG, there really is far too many times where you simply did not build your character the right way, so you will fail. Dota 2 isn’t worth bothering with, due to the community of people who play it, as they make sure to make playing that game the most miserable experience ever. Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas are good, although I find I preferred Fallout 3 game of the year edition. Global Agenda is a fairly good MMO game, third person shooter and is free. Killing floor and Left 4 Dead 2 are both fairly good zombie games, albeit with two different playstyles and goals. Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 are both utterly amazing, although the third wasn’t as good, and forces you to use origin instead of steam (steam works very well, origin doesn’t.) Monday Night Combat is pretty coll, Super Monday Night Combat doesn’t really improve on the original. Overlord II is fun. Nuclear Dawn is okay. Pirates Vikings and Knights II, Fortress Forever, Jailbreak Source, Dystopia, Realm of the Mad God, and Combine destiny are all free games and mods.
    Spiral Knights is excellent. Half-Life and Half-Life 2 series are worth getting, 100%. Recettear is also fun, in ways a game shouldn’t be.
    Huh, that was something like half the games I have. Well, those are just my thoughts on the matter. Although some of those are quite excellent, especially Overlord II, Analogue, Mass Effect 1&2, Fallout 3, and Realm of the Mad God.

  14. Brian says

    I bought myself the latest Humble Bundle and am currently working my way through a number of cool games.

  15. maxpeterson says

    I am limited by circumstance to what I can mooch off others or play for free on my laptop. So when I get time on the family playstation it’s Skyrim (I’ve also dabbled with Dante’s Inferno and Gods of War, but those I find limiting and biased towards the fast finger crowd). It’s a tad bloodthirsty, but when I start feeling guilty I lose myself in the flames of the forge or over the alchemist’s table.

    At “home” (i.e. on my laptop) I dabble in Dungeons & Dragons Online. But mostly I play go (Dragon Go Server, It’s Your Turn, Little Golem, and KGS). Used to be totally addicted to Ages of Empire and hope to be again someday.

  16. says

    Me and hubby are gamers and spend most of our free time on our asses in front of our PC:s. Current addictions are Skyrim, Dungeons of Dredmore, Terraria and Mass Effect. Hubby tested Dungeon Siege 3 a few nights ago, but wasn’t too impressed. I planned to finally play through Borderlands before the new game is launched, but got stuck in Terraria which I bought on a whim because I like to play the same games that my darling does. We seldom play multiplayer as we have totally different opinons on how to do stuff, but enjoy being in the same game and help each other with tips and tricks.

    Btw, I’m glad to see that you have found a nice boyfriend. He seems like quite a catch. I’m happy for both of you.

  17. says

    If you love Civilization, you should keep an eye on XCOM: Enemy Unknown. A reboot of the classic tactical, turn-based shooter, it is being developed by Firaxis, the same company that makes Civilization. As a fan of both franchises, it’s got me pretty pumped.

    Skulls of the Shogun is planned for a fall release. On the PC, it’s going to be a Windows 8 exclusive (it will also get an XBLA release). Thus it was pushed back so they can both launch together.

    Valve games are great for co-op. There is the frantic, action-packed Left 4 Dead games, and the more measured “thinking-persons” game in Portal 2.

    Another great choice: Diablo 3. This is my current obsession, and it works great solo and with a group.

  18. says

    I’ve been playing Uncharted Waters Online, still. NEat little Age of Sail-styled MMO. Not sure if it’s other people’s things though. Also, Dungeons of Dredmore.

  19. Humppa in Hohenheim says

    Great Coop-Game: magicka. sandbox-spell system, lots of eastereggs and friendlyfire-> most times you die, one of your friends didn’t pay attention to where their fireball was going/ they thought that magicstaff you just found would look much better on their character….

  20. says

    I’m stuck on Skyrim, and I will be until the map is clear and I’ve played all the expansions that happen.

    I desperately want Valve to finish “Half-Life 2: Episode 3” because OMG SO CINEMATIC. Also, the rumor mill has it that they’re tying in Aperture Science more with the Black Mesa universe. And I squee for that.

    I dig Age of Mythology in my off-game-season time. It’s an oldie but goodie.

  21. says

    Jen!!! Play World of Warcraft with me and my boyfriend! We have a fairly active guild with kind players in it, and WoW is a ton of fun if you can already play video games.

    If you’re into strategy, the Player v player in WoW is amazingly strategic and can be quite difficult but super fun. :D (Of course, the raids are strategy-oriented as well, but I’m not much for PVE and monsters designed to die.)

    Seriously, it’s awesome.

  22. Heather says

    I’m currently playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and have love-hate relationship with it. Love because the story is compelling, the themes are interesting, and the gameplay is MOSTLY good. Hate because the game tells you you can build your character however you want, but this can place serious restrictions on your gaming. Therefore, my sneaky hacker dude gets his ass whupped in boss fights while I scream at the TV in rage.

    The Mass Effect games are fantastic if you ignore the last five minutes of the last game.

    I’m really excited to get my hands on FFXIII-2, since I love the first one. I suspect it’ll be a birthday present from my fiance.

    I can’t really name any multiplayer games that I’ve played recently. Maybe resident evil 5 (good luck not tearing each others’ faces off with that one) or Left 4 Dead?

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