1. Alverant says

    My cats do it too. Along with my shoes. It must be a marking their territory thing.

  2. Slow Learner says

    My cat sleeps on my backpack…all the time. It’s got to the point I can pick it up and put it on the desk, and she’ll just grumble slightly, then go back to sleep in the new, more conveniently stroke-able location.

  3. embertine says

    My Romy does this too. I have a bag-for-life thing that I take my lunch and my papers to work in, and she likes to climb into it and align herself along the axis in the parcel position*.

    I think it’s because she knows the picking up of the bag signals me leaving for work, and if she’s in the bag I can’t leave.

    *straight back, paws tucked in at the front. You know the one.

  4. grumblekitty says

    I agree with embertine. Our suitcases live in our closet, which we never bother to close. The cat could sit on them anytime she wants to, but never does, until we bring one out and start packing it. Then we can’t get her off them. I’m positive it’s a “They can’t leave if I sit here” or “They’ll have to take me with them this time” move.

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