Lunch time!

I built up enough post buffer that I was actually able to go out and get lunch! Sean and I went to Dot’s Delicatessen, which I can safely say is my favorite place to eat in Seattle.

Look at my adorable…eating establishment?

Every one of their sandwiches is mindblowingly delicious. The first time I had the BLT, Sean got a little jealous of the noises I was making. It’s just that good. Today I had their cheesesteak special, which was a delicious mess:

Most of their stuff isn’t quite that messy, but that’s what I was craving today. Sean got something a little prettier, a chicken-pasta-pesto-bacon soup that he said was delicious:

Mmmm, food porn.

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    Apropos of absolutely nothing other than that I share the same name as your good chap, I reminded of the time I met Stephen Fry at a book signing. It went roughly like this:

    Me: Hello. Can you sign it to Sean? It’s the Irish spelling.
    Stephen: Yes, of course. Is it with the síneadh fada?
    Me: Single fathers?
    Stephen: I’m sorry?
    Me: Erm…
    Stephen: …?
    Stephen Fry stared at me. I blinked at Stephen Fry. My mouth flopped open. Nothing came out. He handed me the book and I scurried off into the night.

    A síneadh fada is the little acute accent employed in certain Irish words, such as Seán. I wish I knew that before I made an arse of myself. In public. In front of Stephen Fry.

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