Video: Naked bicyclists!

My favorite part of the Fremont Solstice Parade is always the naked bicyclists. Some people go the route of pure nudity, but most come up with elaborate body-paint costumes. Here’s a video I took today of the bicyclists, with dorky commentary about costumes I particularly liked. Highlights include X-men, Ninja Turtles, Rubic’s cubes, Care Bears.

Warning: Contains full nudity. Lots o’ penis and boobs.

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  1. Rick Jones says

    Great video, love that you got so many of us riders and all the fun!

    I am the naked spartan 8:03-8:07 in your video ;-)

  2. Rick Jones says

    Brown body, yellow shoulders, red diamond on my chest and the spartan helmet, is me 8:07 mark*

    Definitely a very fun event and I loved the incredible paint jobs and creativity too of all the riders and fun folks along the way.

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