1. says

    My response when conservative acquaintances trot out pap like Perry’s video is to ask them to replace “gay” with “Christian” and see if they consider it to be a moral stance to take.

    Yeah, OK, it never works, but it makes me feel better to try it rather than just say nothing at all.

  2. Zugswang says

    There are three unforgivable curses that I will use regularly: imperio, crucio, and…wait, what was the third one?

  3. Stevarious says

    There are three schools of wizarding that I will dismantle when I’m Minister: Hogwarts, Durmstrang, and… oh, shoot.

  4. eigenperson says

    It’s okay. If you were able to pronounce the name of the last one, then everyone would think you were French, and that means bye bye electability, right?

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