SSAcon’s new sticker code

Joe Foley, Chair of the Secular Student Alliance Board of Directors*, was inspired by my post on Mensa’s sticker system for hugging. Here’s the proposal he just sent me for the SSA conference in July:

I know we already use stickers to keep track of conferencegoers who decline to appear in photos (since students might not be “out” to their families), but I wonder if we could expand that system to a more comprehensive set of boundaries and expectations. Here is a proposal:

Black circle: Please don’t take my picture
Red circle: Please don’t hug me
Red octagon: Please don’t take the elevator with me
Orange circle: Please don’t talk to me about “interfaith” activities
Blue circle: My group is a member of our local interfaith alliance
Light blue circle: My group is recognized by my school as a religion
Yellow circle: I disapprove of Humanist chaplaincies
Purple circle: I am a Humanist chaplain
Green circle: Please don’t call me an atheist
Light green circle: Please don’t call me a Humanist
Jade circle: Please don’t call me an Atheist
Chartreuse circle: Please don’t call me any specific term except the full paragraph I use to describe myself… especially not atheist
Red and white concentric circles: I’m actually religious


I’m sure JT is out buying stickers as we speak.
Seriously though, I hope you’re coming to the conference. We have great speakers like usual – Dan Barker, Greta Christina, PZ Myers, David Silverman, Jamila Bey, Debbie Goddard, Hemant Mehta, and yours truly. Everyone is welcome, though students especially should come. I always have a blast – you get tons of practical skills for running a group, and it’s great networking with other student leaders. And usually we don’t even need a sticker system to interact with each other!

*And epic troll

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