LAN bans women to protect them from misogynists

A LAN party for Battlefield 3 in Texas had this lovely bit of logic in its rules:

Nothing ruins a good LAN party like uncomfortable guests or lots of tension, both of which can result from mixing immature, misogynistic male-gamers with female counterparts. Though we’ve done our best to avoid these situations in years past, we’ve certainly had our share of problems. As a result, we no longer allow women to attend this event.

Yes. To protect the women from misogynistic assholes, we must ban the women. Instead of, you know, banning the misogynistic assholes.

That popping sound was my brain exploding.

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  1. says

    It would appear, given the information presented for that event, that if the misogynistic assholes were banned, there would no longer be enough attendance to hold the event. Which might not be a bad thing.

  2. Jeremy Carroll says

    It sounds like the people writing the rules are the immature, misogynistic male-gamers. I wonder why they aren’t banning mature, philogynistic male-gamers as well…

  3. kendermouse says

    Gah… why is it always Texas? I feel like I’m in a losing battle to make my state ever seem appealing…

  4. Yellow Hatguy says

    Damn, I once helped throw a Bachelor/LAN Party, and we weren’t that misogynistic — and that was a friggin’ bachelor party.

  5. Kaotik4266 says

    This is a fantastic way to spend a night and I believe I will take up on your suggestion.

  6. Alex says

    It’s in Texas! Cause found.Why do people want to make things a sausage fest all the time?

  7. Tom says

    If they banned misogynistic male-gamers there wouldn’t be much of an event.  … Which might not be a bad idea.

  8. Dwayne_Windham says

    Reminds me of the just ludicrous level of reaction that Shelby Knox got on her blog after starting a petition regarding the Duke Nukem game.

  9. says

    Though I understand completely, and I would probably be breathing fire if I were in your place, I must say I really appreciate their honesty:They admit it’s *their* problem – we’re immature, we’re misogynistic, and every time we look at a female we see dancing boobs. It’s also kind of expectable… going to a meeting full of young adults who still play computer games like they did in their teenage time and expecting them to have grown up in every other aspect of life is kind of self defeating, isn’t it? (I wish, however, that I still had time to play those computer games too)The reason I somehow appreciate this is that I’ve spent my teenage life in Israel, where such behavior is accepted in public space, but they’d never admit it’s because of immaturity. The ultra-orthodox of Jerusalem almost never get out of their neighborhoods, and everything there is separated. Women are thickly clothed with no inch of skin showing, and men and women generally have as little contact as possible (actually, accidental brushing or touching like elbows  is strictly forbidden). Their busses are separated, with women in the back and men in the front so that the men don’t get “distracted”. That’s bad enough as it is, but the worse part is this: when one of those bozos finds himself riding a normal bus, where women are free to wear whatever they want, be it decoltés or mini-skirts. The way they stare and try to hide their erection (i’ve even seen one go seat at the back of the bus to beat one off discretely) just makes me so angry at their stupidity!You can’t make men pious by hiding them from every temptation! The point is to be big enough that you don’t even notice the temptation, or at least control it totally. Pushing women away is not showing them respect… Being able to look them steadily in the eye when their cleavage is pretty is. Unfortunately, all they are creating is a generation of men kept safe from anything that might challenge them, and who react like bonobos when they happen to stumble out of their comfort zone.But they don’t admit it. They don’t say “we don’t want to bother educating our kids to respect women so we’ll just hide any tempting parts and blame women for being tempting when there’s a problem because we’re immature POS’s”. They invent some elaborate arguments about how it’s more respectful to women and other bullocks. I think of maturity a bit like I think of the immune system: You expose your system to different exciters and you develop immunity so the next time you’re exposed you don’t even notice it, or you don’t react as strongly. That’s why we understand when a kid points when he sees a one armed man for the first time, or a midget, or a person in a wheel-chair, or a giant – they learn. And that’s why we excuse teenagers for being assholes when they see a girl in a sexy outfit, a girl with extremely large or nonexistent tits etc… they learn. Someone who keeps these behaviors after they leave high school is gonna get his teeth punched out pretty quickly.Sorry I ramble, I’ll stop now. Thanks for everything you write! :-)

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