The University of Arizona Med School adds Integrative Medicine

From UA’s website (emphasis mine):

The track will focus on integrative medicine – healing-oriented medicine that takes into account the whole person (mind, body and spirit), including all aspects of lifestyle. IM emphasizes the therapeutic relationship and makes use of appropriate therapies, both complementary and alternative, seamlessly blending conventional medical training with other modalities for disease prevention and to better trigger the body’s innate healing response.

“Preventive medicine is a crucial part of a medical professionals’ training and is often minimalized in conventional medical training,” said Dr. Andrew Weil, center founder and director. “Receiving this additional training early in their career will give UA College of Medicine students an advantage in their residency and practice and a more comprehensive set of skills for treating and communicating with their patients.”

Enrollment in the IM Distinction Track will be open to first- and second-year medical students at the UA College of Medicine-Tucson beginning with the fall 2011 semester.

It will require participation in the center’s month-long integrative medicine elective rotation, attendance at grand rounds presentations and patient conferences, monthly special-topics lectures, facilitation of a “healer’s art” course, completion of more than 30 hours of online courses, a capstone paper suitable for publication and an oral exam.

I have nothing to add other than what David Gorski of Science Based Medicine said at TAM9: “Integrative medicine integrates quackery with real medicine.”

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  1. pete084 says

    The University of Hull in the Untied Kingdom had a course in Homeopathy, until the quackery behind it was exposed in Parliamentary Commission into funding by the NHS, there is also the libel case, brought by the British Chiropractic Association against Simon Singh for his Guardian piece exposing  attempts to legitamise  it as real medicine.The Uni of Hull quickly withdrew the course, but not before the course papers had passed to outside sources for peer review, I think we can guess the results.

  2. Skepgineer says

    I have an alternative medicine called AccuNoodle.   Wearing pirate paraphernalia in different ways cures different diseases because it pleases the FSM and causes him to touch you with his noodly appendages.

  3. Dan Strauss says

    I don’t get what you all have against ducks. Don’t they deserve to be healthy, too?hey, it is late here. cut me some slack.

  4. says

    How do you teach a class in homeopathy?”Okay, class. Today we’re going to make some homeopathic stuff.Step 1. Get a glass of water and put a drop of something into it which causes some kind of harmful effect or something. Like arsenic. Or screw it, table salt. If you’re going to do table salt though you need to call it something sciencey like saltum tableum.Step 2. Take it out.Step 3. Get a brand new glass of .Step 4. Give that new glass of water to your patient.”I think there’s some point where you have to bang on the water with a stick too. I fell asleep that week.

  5. says

    This kind of woo has been going on at the UofA for quite some time — and PBS has been enabling it since Andrew Weil became the guru to the spiritually irreligious.

  6. says

    You bang it against a special leather desk. You sir are not a homeopath and never will be one! I mean decussation is a fundamental part of the art of homeopathy! Now leave my sight before I call you for what you really are! A DOCTOR!

  7. Steve says

    I’d like to meet a homeopath so I could ask him the obvious question: Do they use _new_ water, freshly synthesized from spectrographically-pure hydrogen and oxygen? After all, water from any natural source will have “memories” of all sorts of toxic shit, not to mention the countless megatons of literal shit, that gets dumped into the sea. How could you get consistent results if you don’t know what the hell is in the water?

  8. April says

    Gotta love the implication that real doctors don’t do preventative medicine. News Flash, that’s four-fifths of what GPs do all day. Diet, exercise, quitting smoking, getting skin checks, pap tests, vaccinations, need one continue? Sheesh.

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