Christian pastor molests women to expel demons

In case I haven’t convinced you that feminism and atheism are natural allies on certain issues, here’s a particular horrifying example. A Christian pastor in South Africa is molesting multiple women under the guise of “banishing demons.” Some of the particular examples witnesses relay are so disturbing.

I just wish I knew what we could do instead of acting outraged. I guess we just have to keep up the effort of spreading skepticism and critical thinking everywhere, so frauds can’t get away with molesting women under the guise of religion. Sigh.


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    To be fair, I think plenty of religious people would find that disgusting as well, of all faiths.Spreading education would probably help spread critical thinking and skepticism as well, and they’d be hard to spread where there’s not the basics of education available. While taking advantage of religious credulity is disgusting, and possible even with an educated audience, I can’t help but think better education would help reduce incidence of such horrific nature.

  2. Alicia Kopp says

    We have so many wonderful women bloggers that are pointing spot lights at these horror stories. After seeing so many women at the American Atheist National Convention last weekend, I’m hopeful that we will see a “FeminAthiest” group grow. It only makes sense being that the abusive relationship between religion and women is a cited reason as to why some women are coming out as atheists.

  3. asonge says

    If my memory serves correctly, isn’t this in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales? Life, fiction, etc…I’m sure this happens way too often. The mix of the religious ritual in with the sex crimes is just too insane to mention (not saying anything about role-playing in the bedroom, i’m talking strictly about the abuse here).

  4. Bob says

    I think there’s a lot of factors going on here. Feminism and Atheism are allies in the sense of challenging the status quo with critical thinking in areas where sexism and religion are so tightly bound.I was going to wax poetic on something sociopolitical, but really, this issue deserves more than ivory towering.My opinion? What to do in this case? Donate to Doctors without Borders. Those women did not need some perverted pastor molesting them. But they also do not need, at this time, atheist nor feminist literature. From the story, it sounds like they need pre-natal care and a gynecologist to treat infections and diseases.

  5. benjaminsa says

    I live in SA, and we could use a heap more skepticism. There are so called ‘corrective’ rapes of lesbians, child rape, because virgins apparently cure aids (thankfully this seems to be much rarer, though partly because of vigilantly justice). The other day some people where burned to death after being accused of being witches. Children who have got thrown out of their homes, because they where accused of being demons. Every year Xhosa boys of 13 go through a man hood ceremony – including circumcision – in which a few always die. Our last president thought aids was a myth, and had a health minister recommended garlic and beetroot. The current one is a polygamist with four current wives, but at least he believes in aids…I don’t mean to be so negative, there are a lot of wonderful things here, but far too much batshit crazy insane stuff too.

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    There’s mentions of pastors taking advantage of women in various ways in Boccaccio’s The Decameron, and Chaucer borrowed heavily from The Decameron. In Boccaccio’s version, there’s tales of a priest fooling a man into believing he is in purgatory/hell, and then having sex with the man’s wife, a story of a priest convincing a woman that he is the archangel Gabriel in order to sleep with her, and various others. Boccaccio was not at all kind to the church, and I love him for it.

  7. Azkyroth says

    It’s sad that the religious track record of this sort of abuse has gotten so bad that, horrifying as this story is, I feel a microscopic bit better that at least this round of victims are *adults* :(…or are they? I’m afraid to read the story – I got about three hours of sleep last night after reading the story of “The Rake” on Creepypasta and I desperately need a nap :(

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    Great idea! I follow quite a few female former fundies who identify as varying degrees of progressive Christian to agnostic to atheist… one being Christa at and Marlene’s Winell site – and Vyckie Garrison who has created a community for Quiverful women and girls – survivors of extreme patriarchy at . These women are just a few of former hardcore religion survivors who have gone beyond just blogging and are giving a voice to women who leave religion behind… and are some of the most impressive examples of feminism I’ve seen. When former believers, especially women and girls, stand up to patriarchal religion – we have some of the most powerful voices in atheism – or even for progressive Christianity. I’d personally like to see women leave these churches behind and see what kind of luck they have in creating a new generation of the Christian Right…For me – leaving the quiverfullesque patriarchy behind was one of the healthiest things I’ve done – and am so happy to testify from the other side.

  9. Blitzgal says

    Disturbing how little things have changed since the days in which religious men “inspected” the bodies of accused witches for marks of the Devil.

  10. biblebeltatheist says

    I wholeheartedly agree that we must continue to encourage skepticism and critical thinkingWe must all commit to doing this -as much as we can,whenever we can, whatever we canWe can, and we must. This blog is a very valuable contribution to the struggle. xtians will say that this story is not the true xitanity, but what they don’t realize is that the bible is so muddlled and self-contradictory that it was possible for xtians to burn heretics alive for 5 centuries. I’m sure that the perp of these dirty deeds has a biblical justification for these atrocities-they always do.When will xitans realize that an all-powerful,all knowing compassionate god just would not write such contradictory nonsense? I don’t know , but i do know that I will continue to struggle against this destructive force called religion until it is finally extirpated from the shores of this great, SECULAR nation. Europe has nearly done it, and so can we.

  11. biblebeltatheist says

    What we can do:1) As noted in my previous comment, Jen, your blog is a VERY valuable contribution to the struggle. PLEASE, keep up the good work.2)Join and support atheist,freethinking,freethought,agnostic and humanist organizationssuch as Secular Coalition for America and its member organizations.3)When fundies spout off their bullshit, CALL THEM ON IT.ask questions. argue with them.YOUR SILENCE EQUALS CONSENT.4) has “nontracts” for sale at their website. These are small, paper pamphlets, in a tradition dating back to the Revolution, that promote freethought. some are published online so u can read them b4 u buy.You feminists may particularly enjoy “Why Women Need Freedom From Religion”JOIN THE SECULAR REVOLUTION.STRUGGLE.QUIT WHINING AND WRINGING YOUR HANDS AND GET.IT.DONE.PAMPHLETEERING WORKS I’VE SEEN ENOUGH PISSED OFF FUNDIES TO KNOW.

  12. Anne says

    This story is horrible on a lot of different levels, but for the record, I don’t see that as so different than, say, doctors (or men who claim to be doctors) having sex with women under the guise of giving them a “medical treatment.” (Yes, this has actually happened.)The point isn’t that secular skepticism isn’t an important tool – of course it is. The point is, though, that fostering skepticism toward religion isn’t going prevent people from exploiting those who are less educated or otherwise less able to protect themselves. Fostering all-around education – especially for women – is critical here. (Of course, I realize I’m preaching to the choir.)

  13. benjaminsa says

    He has been arrested, unfortunately for illegal firearm possession and not for molesting children, but still. Sunday World (local tabloid like paper).

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