Off my ASS for …myself – Week 9

So, I decided I’d still keep updating you guys about my weight loss journey. Why? Because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want. And because publicly stating my progress helps keep me on track, and I’ve been getting messages from people saying I helped encourage them to eat better/exercise too. So yay!

Starting weight: 186.4 lbs
Two weeks ago’s weight: 173.8 lbs
Current weight: 171.6 lbs
Weight loss these past two weeks: 2.2 lbs
Total weight loss: 14.8 lbs

Not bad, considering two weekends ago I was stuffing my face at the SSA SoCal summit, and last weekend I was stuffing my face with free food for grad student recruitment. But I’ve been exercising and eating well on all the other days, so I’m still making progress! So close to the 15 pound mark!

After the end of the quarter craziness is over, I definitely have to go clothes shopping. My pants have become unacceptably baggy. I’m almost another belt loop smaller – to a loop I’ve never used since I bought the belt in college.

If I keep up this rate, I should be really close to my high school weight by the AHA conference in April. In which case I’m totally buying a cute outfit, which I can justify because Chris Stedman wants to find an awesome Boston gay bar for his birthday. If you don’t dress up for the gays, who do you dress up for?


  1. says

    Awesome! I swear, if you don’t have me to dress you then you’d better find a fabulous gayboy counterpart.

  2. the_Siliconopolitan says

    I’d still love to get the data in convenient tabular form. Then we’ll also be ble to tell when the trendline stops being useful.

  3. says

    Wow. What a progress! It look’s like it’s a win. I can see the victory coming.The game was Fat vs Jen = 1:0, but now it’s Fat vs Jen = 0:1.I wonder how well you documented your progress, because if your document is good, your method can be used to write a book. I can see a huge market in this.

  4. CAV says

    Yay! All I want to say though, is DON’T FEEL BAD if you suddenly plateau for a while. A lot of times you’ll hit a weight and then stay there for what feels like forever, but if you keep with it usually you’ll start shedding pounds again (until of course you hit the weight you want to be, and then you just try to maintain).Have fun shopping for some cute new clothes – and don’t be afraid to reinvent your look just because other people aren’t used to it (I remember you making some comments about that before)!

  5. A-M says

    Well done on your succes but how did you decide what was your goal weight? I ask because I feel I am in the same boat you were, and don’t know if I really need to lose weight or not. I never thought you looked fat to begin with. I generally don’t think I look fat either, although I have ‘fat’ days. I’m a UK size 12, (that’s a US 8 I believe) but I have a BMI of around 27. So according to BMI I’m overweight. But my waist to height ratio and all that jazz is well within the healthy limits (I’m an hourglass shape) so I’m thinking from a health point of view, perhaps I really don’t need to lose weight as I have a little waist. I just don’t want to become one of those overweight people in denial! But it sure would be nice to be a size 10 (US6) again…

  6. says

    Congrats Jen! I started working on my weight a little before you did, having already dropped 20 lbs and being halfway to my goal weight I know how great it feels!Keep up the good work!

  7. Jim says

    Way to go Jen – Keep up the great work and maybe we’ll see you at one of the many 5k’s in the area soon!!

  8. says

    I definitely wasn’t obese, but I was overweight according to BMI and was looking more like an inverse hourglass. Now my waist actually goes *inward*! I sort of arbitrarily picked 160 as my goal since that’s about what I weighed in high school, even though I was still a bit pudgy then. Guess I’m just aiming for that general area, and I’ll stop when I’m happy.

  9. Karen Rustad says

    Jen — I tried crawling through your previous ‘Off your ASS’ posts, but couldn’t find it–what are you using to track your weight and food v. exercise calories? Just a spreadsheet, or is there an app that you’re using? I’m sort of annoyed by weight watchers’ proprietary algorithm, so I’m trying to get off it and use a system that I can calculate myself (but hopefully is still reasonably easy to use)…

  10. loreleion says

    “I’ll stop when I’m happy” is a great attitude toward weight. If you like how you look and you’re healthy (blood pressure and that sort of thing), don’t worry too much about BMI.

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