Interview with Atheists Talk

In case you missed it, you can listen to my interview here. It’s mostly about women and atheism, and I think it went really well! Well, except for the moments where my phone would cut out and I wouldn’t hear part of the question. You can tell when that happened by the occasional nonsensical replies I give.


  1. Matthewconlon says

    Interestingly I’ve been sort of pondering on my own thoughts about atheism lately, I just finished a blog about it myself. It’s always been a subject I’ve been tight-lipped about, until lately. Listening to your interview now. =]

  2. says

    This voice … exactly as I’ve imagined. Strange … perhaps because of certain relations between mouth-wide, facial structure, even mind-set … ah, who am I kidding. Clearly I must be a voice-psychic of some sorts.

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