You know it's the end of the semester when…

…the only time you’re not in the lab is when you’re at home sleeping.

…and you seriously considered just sleeping at work to be more efficient, but didn’t want to smell the next day.

…so you leave the lab at 1am after being at work for 17 hours only because you have to catch the last bus home.

…and while you’re standing at the stop, two of your classmates comes to catch the last bus as well.

…and it’s not the first time you all have done that this week.

…and you still don’t feel prepared for everything that you have to finish.

Yay grad school. At least we’re all going insane together?


  1. says

    This brings back so many memories of my Honours year… wonder why I didn’t go on to a PhD? I wonder whether my proteins would have crystallised if I hadn’t had to put them in the various solutions at 1am.

  2. ClaraCafeína says

    Also: when on one of those rare occasions where you actually have time (or rather, are willing to sacrifice a few hours of work for the sake of sanity) to go out on a Saturday night, you print some papers to read on the bus instead of taking a book or some music.P.S: I’m on the last year of my degree so it’s not entirely as crazy, but still

  3. Josh says

    Ah yes… grad school. I still remember weighing the benefits of sleeping for the two hours I’d have between middle-of-the-night experiments against my tendency to sleep through alarms when I’m really tired. I usually just ended up watching a movie since reading papers would certainly put me to sleep.

  4. says

    Makes me look forward to potential PhD work, although the likelihood of that is reduced by the “ConDem” government’s cuts. I want to work on the overlap of CompSci and Educational Research, and it looks like my only hope of funding is on the compsci side.

  5. Rebecca says

    Yeah, you see, there’s a shower in my lab building (and I don’t just mean one of those emergency showers) …That… and some of the grad students here dont seem to much care about smell, I know at lest one of them has a therma-rest stashed under his desk.

  6. mcbender says

    “Going insane”, Jen? I’ve decided that happened to me long ago, so I can’t complain about it any more… is it possible to “go insane” when you already are?

  7. Gus Snarp says

    Well that goes without saying. We certainly don’t want to fund anything that doesn’t have the immediate potential to make our donors filthy, stinking richer.

  8. Kit says

    Don’t worry, it’s only your first year! I hear you care less about smelling the next day and so on in your upper years. Sleeping at school seems to be a pretty common thing. :)

  9. says

    It’s in many ways worse than that… I’m in the UK, mainly thinking about Research Council funding, which means it’s geared towards things that are theoretically going to make the country, or economy, as a whole filthy amounts of money. Never mind assuring our ability to teach people effectively or anything…

  10. says

    I’m not even in grad school and I’m going crazy over finals. I’m so glad I picked Women and Gender Studies over Biology. I really don’t know how you folks do it.

  11. Benjamin says

    You mean Universitys in the States do not have Showers on Campus? Is it because the religious are afraid nasty things could happen in there?

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