Vancouver or bust!

I’m leaving for my Canadian speaking tour this morning! Here’s my schedule, as a reminder:

Simon Fraser University Skeptics
Thurs. Nov. 25 3:30-5:30 pm in AQ 5037
Atheism and Feminism
Hour talk followed by Q&A
Free & open to the public
Likely impromptu pub night to follow

University of British Columbia Freethinkers
Fri. Nov. 26 7-9 pm in Buchanan A203
My Trip to the Creation Museum
Hour talk followed by Q&A
Free for members, $2 for general public
Post talk drinks and fun somewhere

CFI Vancouver
Cafe Inquiry with Jennifer McCreight
Sat. Nov. 27 11 am-1 pm at SFU Harbour Centre
Tentative topic: Closing the gender gap in skepticism
20 min talk followed by discussion
Free & open to public (donations welcome)

British Columbia Humanists
Sun. Nov. 28 9:30-11:30 am at Oakridge Seniors Centre
Boobquake & Its Aftershocks
Hour talk followed by Q&A
Open to public & donations welcome ($2 suggested)
The pub nights are up in the air (apparently one of the planned places closed, whoops), but I’ll announce where we’re going via Twitter as soon as I know.

Well, that’s assuming I get there at all. Apparently it’s snowing all between Seattle and Vancouver. Gulp. Leaving early and driving slowly…


  1. Alea says

    Agh, I tried so hard to make it but I couldn’t get there!I was on a SFU-bound bus but it stopped half-way there! They said it would take me another hour to get there… blahhh…. I was in transit for 3 hours for nothing… :(

  2. Eric O says

    Damn! I couldn’t make it to the SFU talk either.Oh well, it’s probably for the better; I have a twenty page essay due tomorrow and I should really focus on that. If I were religious, I’d consider this awful weather to be some sort of divine intervention for my benefit.

  3. Christopher Petroni says

    I am very curious to find out how the SFU talk went, if it went at all. All roads and transit to the campus was shut down and all classes were cancelled, and everybody who was already there by about 3:30 today will be spending the night there. Are you OK, Jen? Let us know!

  4. Azkyroth says

    I wish you well for Vancouver (retroactively, anyway) but I have to say I’m more interested in the bust. ;)…why didn’t I think of that earlier? D:

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