Summing up the cultural difference between Seattle and Indiana

This morning I’m going to “Smut and Eggs,” a gathering of awesome people to watch gay porn while eating brunch. Then tonight I’m going to the gay bar by my house to sing karaoke with a guy who’s actually not gay, but just shares my appreciation for gay culture (aka fabulousness). And then next Friday I’m going to Hump!, “The Pacific Northwest’s biggest and best amateur-and-locally-produced porn festival” and pet project of Dan Savage.

…I’ve come a long way from a one-gay-bar-city and anti-porn evangelical Christian events. Trying to hold back the tears of pervy joy…


  1. Gancian says

    You just made me wanna move to Seattle. Unfortunately, I’m an ocean and a continent away…

  2. Azkyroth says

    Now I have reasons for wanting to move there even better than “my parents don’t live there” and “way less than ten fucking months of summer.” >.>

  3. Dae says

    Hah! Obviously, you should visit me in Midtown Atlanta! Moving here from South Carolina (ANYWHERE in SC…) was quite the treat.

  4. WingedBeast says

    In keeping with the appreciation of perversion, I present the following tasteless response…Tastelessness in 10987654321They’re not really tears when they’re not coming from your eyes.

  5. says

    I am confused. Why do you prefer to go to a gay bar?If you want to go to gay bars, you can go north to Vancouver. There is a whole street of gay bars.

  6. Kaleberg says

    Seattle has a long tradition of gay culture. There used to be a gay dance hall near Pioneer Square back in the 1930s. I don’t know if it was absolutely fabulous or anything, but it was there.

  7. says

    You are way to lucky, Seattle sounds amazing I wish I could leave Indiana but I still have a year and 3/4 of high school left to finish. I guess I’m at lucky that I get to finish that in a nice accepting public school instead of a crazy catholic school.

  8. yaoi_myantidrug says

    Any idea how long these events have been going on? They would explain why I’ve wanted to visit Seattle since I first heard of it, even though I didn’t know where it was, or whether it was a city or state….

  9. TGIAA says

    Wow. Smut & Eggs.I thought my town/city (In Oz) was pretty damn liberal, but i don’t think that would fly. Maybe I should set one up and try?

  10. Tkpruitt says

    I like the concept well enough — but what else was on the brunch menu? You have omitted some very important details.

  11. gypsylibrarian says

    I just want to move out there now. You think IN was bad (lived there), try Texas. In IN, you had the one bar. Here, they would probably burn down the bar and hail those who did it as heroes.

  12. Matt says

    “They’re the people that you meet in your neighborhood, in your neighborhood, in… your… neighbooorhood, the people that you meet each day.”Welcome to our little corner of the USA! Just wait for next year’s Fremont (nude) Solstice Parade. ;->

  13. says

    I think my girlfriend came up with a devious plan involving porn. Have a chicken and porn party and then, afterwards, send the guys out and have a Pure Romance party for the ladies. She’s shrewd, that one. I’m glad to have her.

  14. MarcusBailius says

    Maybe I’m just too British, and possibly getting a bit old too! (“No sex please, we’re British”…)

  15. says

    Have you been to a gay bar? It all depends on why you are going to a bar. Basically, unless you really want to hit on or be hit on by members of the opposite sex, I can see the appeal of gay bars. I’m more of a pub guy, but if you’re into dancing and fruity drinks, gay bars can certainly have their advantages. I suppose there are gay pubs too, but I’ve never been to one.

  16. says

    If you’re looking for a fabulous good time…Head up to Neighbours on a thursday or friday night. There’s plenty of “strait” boys and girls that love going there to play. It’s a regular frickin candy store for Bi’s. The fact that it’s technically a gay bar pretty well weeds out the neanderthals. Sure it’s a meat market, but if you’re in the mood then you can’t go wrong there.And Hump’s going to rock your world. You have no idea just what kind of city you just moved to :-P

  17. Tom says

    Go look for the local fetish parties. You don’t have to take part if you don’t want to and the people who go (generally) are pretty cool. Generally doesn’t matter your preferences there is something to watch someone to talk to. There are a very cool place to hang out.

  18. msroxy says

    ok, I’ve lived here in Seattle my whole life & I’ve never heard of Smut & Eggs! I want in!

  19. says

    No, I haven’t been to a gay bar. I only go to the bar when I run out of things to do and need to do something mindless. I don’t drink much, only one or two beers, so I love watching drunk people. They are like monkeys in a zoo. Watching them for some reason makes me feel like an intelligent human. lol.As a straight man, going to a gay bar isn’t a good idea. I don’t want to send the wrong message to gay men. If there is an lesbian bar for me to go, I would go.

  20. says

    Don’t worry about sending the wrong message to gay men. Maybe I’m just not good looking enough, but I have not endured any obnoxious pick up attempts at gay bars. Or maybe there really is gaydar. And if you’re going for the entertainment value of watching drunk people, gay bars can be great. Not really my scene, but I’ve had some good times at gay bars.

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