I now have the right to bitch about politics

I’m registered to vote in Washington! Now I just need to figure out what crazies I need to avoid before filling in the bubbles.

As my dad always says, “If you didn’t vote, you have no right to bitch.” And what’s a blogger good for if they can’t bitch? ;)

(Also, it seems sort of wrong that I can link to my dad’s blog instead of just quoting his witticisms. What have I done?!)


  1. Livingonsteak says

    As I always say,”I’ll vote when politicians stop running for office.” and”I’ll stop bitching about politics when it stops existing.”But good for you!

  2. Somebody Else says

    I find that The Stranger Election Control Board is quite handy for Seattle elections, although I don’t agree with them on everything. Their current guide is here: http://www.thestranger.com/sea…My only dissent from their suggestions is that I’m voting no on both 1100 and 1105. While I do think our state should get out of the business of selling booze, the proposed solutions both basically hand the monopoly over to a different group of people instead of opening it up to a true free market solution – and it would be a private, profit-oriented group without any real accountability.

  3. Rbray18 says

    if i wasn’t lazy i’d look for a George Carlin clip on his thoughts on voting,cause they mirror mine.

  4. Kaoru says

    Way to go! While I admit that I moderately care who people vote for on a macro level, individually I just care that people vote.

  5. Tom says

    I’m a cynic. If I thought that voting could change the country I’m pretty sure those in power wouldn’t allow it.

  6. stark says

    Make sure you mail it out quickly, I already did mine a week or so ago.Also, if it reeks of Tim Eyman stay away. There’s a solid group of ‘teehee, lets randomly cut taxes and not cut services!’ sort of human…Also, Stranger is a great starting point if only for the snarky fun. After that I highly recommend finding who’s funding each person or referendum. Also, vote even if it’s all blank. Just to show you exist.

  7. says

    I 100% agree with your dad. I have very little tolerance for people who don’t get off their arse to vote. Voter apathy is why people like GWB end up in office. On a related note, I firmly believe that we should treat voting like vaccinations – you need a good voter turn-out to get a good result (i.e. the higher the ‘herd immunity’ the stronger the result).

  8. says

    “(Also, it seems sort of wrong that I can link to my dad’s blog instead of just quoting his witticisms. What have I done?!) “I’d say “you’ve created a monster!” – but I love reading your dad’s blog, so I won’t…

  9. gypsylibrarian says

    Second that. I stopped believing the crock of “if you don’t vote, can’t complain” when I realized the system pretty much is rigged, morons will keep electing asshats to office, and the whole thing was bought and paid for. Carlin had it right in so many ways.

  10. gypsylibrarian says

    I don’t mind turning in to vote. In fact, if they made it mandatory, cool by me, but I should have the option of turning in the ballot blank if both options (and it is both options since we have no third party worth a damn) suck. I am betting that if we had “none of the above” on ballots, that option would consistently win.

  11. Bad Wolf says

    Jen, here’s a little rule-of-thumb guide to voting I learned from my dad: If you aren’t sure who to vote for or against in a particular race, just ask some well-meaning citizen their opinion. Then vote the other way.

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