For the people who told me to read PhD comics…

I’ve already been reading them for two years. This is probably part of my problem.

And while I could generally relate to them thanks to undergrad research, I’m now convinced the artist has a spy camera set up in my apartment. Take today’s comic for example:I read this comic cuddled up in bed exactly like the main character, skimming Google Reader while I decided if I wanted to hit snooze again or get out of bed.

I got out of bed.


  1. loreleion says

    I’m a terrible snoozer. I had to get an alarm app for my phone that allowed me to limit the number of snoozes I could use in the morning.

  2. Trevor says

    That seems to be a daily occurance, but for me this morning, it wasnt my sub conscience…my advisor called my cell phone.

  3. LS says

    When my alarm clock wakens me, I engage it in a manly bellowing contest until it silences itself in fear. Usually only takes about an hour. Helps me wake up, since I don’t drink coffee, ya know?

  4. says

    Probably about every second one I read an realise it’s true (partner of a phd student)the rest of my life is xkcd.

  5. moonablaze says

    I posted that thought (that phd comics has a camera in my apartment) to facebook a week ago. I’m more sure of it now.

  6. Erin Patricia Macdonald says

    That FLEW through the physics department yesterday as we all had that exact morning… something about Mondays in autumn when there’s a TON more to do than there was during the summer…

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