First they stop worshipping Zeus, now this?!

There’s a new blog for Greek atheists called Atheia – available in Greek and English. Good to know some of my cousins are coming to the dark side.

Oxi theos kala!

…Yes, I know that’s not grammatically correct at all. That’s probably 5% of my Greek vocabulary. The other 95% is terms for food, or words that would help you acquire food. I have my priorities in order!


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    I learned all my Greek from my grandparents, I don’t really know anything more inappropriate than “fart” and “poop.”Though oddly, I do know multiple different words for farting and pooping. Greeks are weird. Or maybe it’s just my family.

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    Actually it’s “no god good”, which sucks grammatically, but sticks semantically.Thanks for the reference to our blog! We also have a website for the brand new Atheist Union of Greece –, and if you need any help with your greek, just ask! :-D

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    I just got back from a student exchange in Greece a couple months ago, and most of the words I learned are for food or about food. Does this always happen or is it a Greek thing do you think?

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    IIRC from our trip to Hellas about 20 yrs. ago, the vast majority of Greeks are very devout to downright superstitious – must be tough to be an atheist there!I think I ate enough calamari there to be eternally damned to the nerd/geek version of Hell. It was often the cheapest thing on the menu and GOOD!I could bore you all w/several paragraphs of my memories of the trip. Give thanks to Athena that my typing is limited by a broken finger!

  5. fearandloathing says

    Just taking a guess here, but I’m assuming you heard a lot of Greek words, and maybe only a few stuck in your mind or some got repeated more than others. Ok, I think I’ve got it. As a non-Greek speaker, I bet you it was more obvious to you what the food words were referring to. The other words just got lost in a blizzard because when you heard them it wasn’t clear what they were referring to. You heard them, but you didn’t remember them because you were never able to connect them to their referent? Sound plausible?

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