Am I supposed to be giving sex advice now?

Why is Dan Savage in Indiana? Have we traded places?

Though I am genuinely curious. He’s been making posts about being in Bloomington, IN for a while – almost since I moved to Seattle. Is IU getting up to some awesome sexual shenanigans again? Man, why can’t Purdue be cool enough to have Dan Savage visit, let alone camp out there?

I mean, I’ve always been the unofficial Sex Advice Giver of my group of friends, thanks to scientific curiosity. Freshman year of high school I had the “Birds and the Bees” event in Science Olympiad, which forced me to learn a lot about human sexually. Soon I had read everything on Scarlet Teen and Ask Anne, and then I spent many years listening to Love Line. And then I spent many years listening to the Savage Lovecasts to undo most of the sexist crap I learned from Love Line (though it wasn’t all bad). Add to that the four classes I took at Purdue dealing with sex*, and all the random books** and papers I’ve read, and… well, yep, I’m a bit academically obsessed.

So, sex advice wouldn’t be out of character for me. Though I guess I’m really only qualified to talk about rodent sexuality. I’m going to guess no one is having problems with their partner’s copulatory plugs.


*For the curious:
Sex, Gender, & Sexology (Health and Kinesiology Dept)
Human Sexuality (Psychology Dept)
Evolutionary Psychology (Psychology Dept)
Sex & Evolution (Biology Dept)

**I highly recommend:
Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation
The Red Queen
As Nature Made Him


  1. LS says

    Sexual academics are the coolest thing in the world. Every few months I start seriously thinking I need to take whatever I need to take in order to study sex professionally.

  2. says

    I second the Red Queen. Great book, except I read it 12 years ago and I can’t remember much of anything except that watching human courtship behavior makes me giggle now.

  3. Rbray18 says

    ya know, I’ve never understood why original research was bad,cause at some point at least one of the sources sited did original research themselves.but it’s probably just ignorance on my part.

  4. WhatPaleBlueDot says

    The only sex advice you need:1. Make sure you hear a YES!2. Use protection and get tested!3. Have more. Lots more!

  5. Jeff says

    Copulatory plugs? Well, you shouldn’t have problems as long as you go slow and the flange on the base isn’t a bad shape to get sucked in…

  6. Matt says

    The Unitarians have a tremendous sex ed program called Our Whole Life (OWL) for 12 to 14 yr. olds. It made our daughter the sexpert of her middle school. She would come home and roll her eyes at the misinformation her classmates believed.

  7. Vanessa says

    Oh thanks for letting me borrow the Dr. Tatianna book. Once I finally read it, I thought it was great! Entertaining and informative!

  8. Mischieveiouslymysterious says

    hhhmmm … what is your reason for recommending “As Nature intended”? just out of curiosity…

  9. Jed says

    The point of not allowing original research is to prevent unverified results from being treated the same as peer reviewed research. It is not really the original part that is considered bad, it is that whatever led to the conclusions of the research has not been shown to be repeatable.

  10. Azkyroth says

    I have to remember this. I wish the local fellowship had services at a more convenient time…

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