St. Louis people, don’t forget to stop by!

This is just a general reminder that I’ll be in St. Louis tonight speaking at Skeptics in the Pub about boobquake! It should be fun, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone there. Event information can be found here. Don’t forget to stop by and say hello!

If you can’t make my talk, you can still stop by for a drink later. Or maybe if everyone’s lucky, I’ll have a drink before. Will probably make my presentation more interesting, especially if they have Strongbow. I love Strongbow.Like, really really love Strongbow. Especially when they appear in glasses twice the size that I’m expecting.


  1. says

    Strongbow is one of the only drinks I’ve ever had, while in London… the other, Old Speckled Hen at (Crick-and-Watson-made-this-pub-famous ) The Eagle in Cambridge, England…

  2. Azkyroth says

    While the glasses probably don’t measure up, Sacramento has several atheist and freethinker groups and Streets of London has Strongbow on tap…

  3. says

    If that’s the same Strongbow we have in the UK, you really want to try some proper cider! (Hang on, cider means cloudy apple juice in the US, doesn’t it? What’s the equivalent of British ‘cider’ – ‘hard cider’?) Strongbow is far too fizzy and chemical-y. It’s only really marginally better than White Lightening. Of course, I’m not sure where in the world is good for proper cider apart from the UK (for cloudy or clear) and Normandy (for clear, I think)… personally, I’m a fan of proper West Country scrumpy-type ciders. Cloudy, basically still, and for me never sweet!If you’re ever in the UK and we meet, I’ll show you proper cider.

  4. Julie says

    While I hate Strongbow and would adore the chance to try non-chemical-y, not-too-sweet hard cider, don’t diss American apple cider. A mug of hot, mulled cider on a cold day is bliss.

  5. says

    Oh, I’ll agree on mulled cider, in the British sense, made some for the first time around last Christmas, was looovely. Have also made mulled apple juice (cloudy, pressed apple juice, I think the same as Americans call cider) for a (northern tradition) pagan-style Yule celebration while at an alcohol-free event. That was also very nice, although I don’t think I was as good at mulling then. It’s hard to balance the sweetness as well, whereas alcoholic cider isn’t as naturally sweet.

  6. Julie says

    Agreed, I’m just not a fan of sweet beverages period. The one exception I make is dessert martinis of the chocolate variety, but even then I like a balance of bitterness to sugar. Cider by American terms is unfiltered apple juice, typically a blend of juices from several varieties of apples to balance the flavor. It’s funny, because I cannot stand apple juice, but love cider. Particularly unpasteurized cider straight from the orchard. It’s hard to find cider here that hasn’t had sugar added to it, and most mulling recipes call for another 1/4 – 1/2 cup of brown sugar. There’s one that I always come back to that’s available locally in the fall that I mull myself with no added sugar. Gorgeous to curl up to with a book.

  7. says

    What we need to do is get Jen up here in the Niagara Region of Ontario for some really good beer. The Merchant Ale house in downtown St. Catharines makes their own beer. Drunken Monkey Stout, Blond Bombshell, and others.

  8. says

    I love me some Strongbow, but I loves me some Woodchuck even more.Even better is half-Woodchuck, half-Guinness. Yum.

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