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Loving County, Texas is the only county in the US that does not have a single religious group:…What? That’s because the whole county only has a population of 67? Oh, well then. They have plenty of space if we all move there, then! Just think, a place for all the ostracized atheists in the US. Need to run away from fanatically religious parents? Sick of being the town atheist? Have I got the place for you!…What? It looks like this? Oh, well then… It looks so, uh, quaint. The kind of place you’ll learn to love, especially if hordes of atheists take it over. I mean, just imagine how awesome it would be to never have to worry about accidentally offending religious people, or creationism being taught in schools, or religious laws being passed. If we bought enough land we could take over the local government!

…What? Libertarians already tried to do that and failed? Oh, well then… …poop.

Libertarians, always dashing my dreams.

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  1. Rillion says

    Hmm….well, it is very close to where I live already, and an atheist/libertarian town sounds like heaven to me! Even if they didn’t see eye to eye on all political issues, I’m pretty sure most laws governing private morality would be thrown out the window post haste, so vote “yes.”

  2. LS says

    Of course they failed. They announced their intention to wrest control of the local government in the new york times BEFORE they were in a position of power. Of COURSE the people there are going to cooperate with you.

  3. Andy says

    Yeah, but how long before such a town would catch the public eye and suddenly everyone with a cross to grind would be flocking there and claiming an atheist-dominated local government was crushing their religious freedom…

  4. LS says

    Isn’t that exactly what happened with Maryland?Catholics: “Doot dee doo, we’ll just set up shop here and not bother anybody!”Protestants “ONO! CATHOLIC DOMINATION! QUICK EVERYBODY, MOVE THERE! OUST THEM! GO GO GO!”As I recall, for centuries it was one of the most prejudicial state to live in for Catholics, despite being named for one of their religious icons.

  5. Rob says

    Wow. This is an idea worthy of Rudyard Kipling. Take up the atheist’s burden, anyone?

  6. Hannahtheginger says

    I love that map. It is really interesting to trace the religious groups back to the groups of people who live in certain areas. Like, Louisiana is Baptist at top, fitting right in with the Bible Belt, but Catholic down south because of the Cajun population. And while I’m sure loving is lovely (har har), the 67 people who live in the county are probably scary hill zombies or something. I don’t trust little communities like that. ;D

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