It’s the Apocalypse

My parents just friended me on facebook.

I think I’m accidentally to blame for this. I sent my Alaska photo album (oops, still didn’t post those here…one day!) to them via email, and I think that magically included a friend request. I say that because it claims I sent a friend request to my dad and he accepted it…yet I never did such thing. Gah. I quickly made all the good bits of my profile hidden. They know I’m an atheist, so that’s not an issue, I just tend to have pervy/swearing status updates, which I don’t want them to see. Lame, right? My mom was the kind of person who got upset when I said “That sucks” in high school…which is especially stupid since she and my dad swear all the time. Ironically the first time I swore in front of her was during the Presidental debates when McCain made his idiotic Bear DNA quote.

Me: *at TV* Oh, fuck you! …oh shit what did I just do
Mom: Yeah!!
Me: *phew*

Now I can say “crap” without her cringing. I’m such a grown up!

Anyway, thanks to Stephen for linking me to the most hilarious and appropriate website ever: Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook.

Oh, and just as a side note…I think some people from the blog have been trying to friend me, but I probably have no idea who you are. So if you figure out where I am on facebook and friend me, at least include a message saying “I read you blog” or “I comment as ____” so I have an idea. Otherwise your friend request will sit in the eternal purgatory of “Pending.”

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go jump off a cliff.


  1. says

    Hahaaa… my parents (and most of my extended family) joined Facebook pretty early in the game, and I was proud of them for it. I had gotten used to the idea that nothing I put on the internet is private. NOTHING. I discovered when I was 16 that my mother read my LJ. I did start censoring myself slightly, especially in the sense of being an emo teenage girl whining about her parents. Ah well. You and I are the same age. We're adults, and our parents have to start getting to know us as adults, yaknow? We may never completely let loose around them, nor should we. But if they think we don't drink and have sex and talk shit with the best of 'em, they're delusional, haha.

    Cough… URL error in the first post. I'm lucky that I don't even HAVE any people in my life like this to deal with, though :|

  2. says

    My dad just recently joined facebook, my fundie sister joined awhile ago. I am pretty open about my atheism there and yet neither one has picked up on it. I am not so vocal in real life, even though I just came back from TAM and went to see Dawkins' speak at OU in February.

  3. Joe says

    She knows my name! WOOT!It's weird how its all blending together. My whole family is on facebook now. (Sadly I keep up with my sister and cousins better there than IRL). And all my workmates, including my boss. (opps I guess I can't say my job sucks). And some fans of my sci-fi..

    It's all to confusing. Going to for complete transparency is the easiest way to cope.

  4. says

    hahaha, it's not as bad as my grandpa getting a facebook and friending me.

    My mom got a facebook awhile ago and the only thing I really had to hide was my atheism. Other than that, I don't really think I put anything on there that would shock them.

    Oh the joys of the internet.

  5. MatthewVarley says

    Well, I have no problem with my sibs (outside of my sis being a fundie), but I am so happy my parents are computer illiterate(I have to teach my mom how to double-click every time she sits down at the computer), so I don't need to worry about them joining Facebook. If they did, I just would not accept their request.

    Thanks for the hilarious site though.

  6. Grant Gordon says

    My parents are technophobes, so there's really no chance of them finding me on facebook, but if they did *shrug* no big deal, I get along very well with both of them and there's really not much I'd hide from them.

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