I’m officially getting old

In high school my sleeping schedule was that of a stereotypical teenager – if I could (like in the summer), I’d be perfectly happy going to bed at 4 am and waking up at 1 pm every day. Coming to college I shifted more from 1 am to 10 pm, mainly because I had early classes and a summer job doing research, so no sleeping in. I’ve always needed at least 9 to 10 hours of sleep to be functional, I think because I just tend to sleep so horribly that I’m not getting restful sleep for a good chunk of the time.

However, I think I’m finally getting old. The past couple months I’ve found it physically impossible to sleep past 8:30 am, no matter how exhausted I am, when I went to bed, or if it’s a weekend. I used to be able to sleep through blaring music, bright lights, and loud roommates, but now the second a ray of light slips through my blinds, I’m up. But the scary thing is that I actually feel well rested. Maybe I’m just finally starting to sleep through the night (a skill acquired by most as toddlers, but apparently not by me). I don’t know what to do with myself this early in the morning. I mean, I don’t even have breakfast food in my apartment – I usually just eat lunch first!

Oh well, as long as I don’t get rid of my elaborate dreams, I’ll be okay. Last night I dreamt that I took in two cute kittens as pets and named them Watson and Crick. I sooo wish that I could have a pet in my apartment. That will be a mental health requirement once I leave for grad school.


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    I went through that phase in college where I would wake up early. But now having just graduated college, I’m back to the sleeping until noon every day mode. Perhaps it’s all the alcohol the night before that puts me in a comatose state, but either way… I enjoy sleeping in.

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    Hooray for kitty cats. I don’t think I would be mostly sane if I didn’t live near my serious cat man.

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    LOL. I am going through this ‘waking up early’ stage too. It started at the end of my grad school; and now- after joining the workforce full time- it’s proving to be rather convenient. I would sleep till late on the weekends, but the cat has other plans. He’ll make sure I wake up and cuddle him. Sleeping, to him, seems like a waste of time! Just wanted to say ‘hi’. Been reading your blog for a while now. Found you through the ‘Godless’ entries you had submitted. Mauzzie here :)Good luck with the rest of the exams. Chill!

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    OMG, we totally need to get two kittens and name them Watson and Crick. That would be awesome!!! I’ll totally go to a psychiatrist and get them to write me a letter requiring I have a kitten with me at all times =D

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    I will seriously love you forever if you can pull that off. I’d even be willing to go in if they need both of us to require kittens – I’m pretty sure I have enough crazy in me to pull it off.

  6. Anonymous says

    um, if you are in college, you by definition are not allowed to call yourself old. trust me.

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