Origami: Six Intersecting Squares

Six Intersecting Squares

Six Intersecting Squares, a model of my own design

Description: 6 squares, each made of four sheets of identically patterned paper.  The squares are organized into three pairs of parallel planes.  Each square has a square hole cut out from the center so that you can see straight through it.

One of the strongest tools in the origami designer’s toolkit is imitation and mutation.  But I’m proud of this model because I designed it more or less from scratch.  I mean, that’s not entirely true.  There’s another model called “Six Intersecting Squares” by Robert Lang, and I’m just combining that arrangement with ideas from the famous WXYZ model.  But I mean, I had to create my own diagrams for this one.

I just took a look at my old diagrams, from two years ago.  Wow, these are unreadable!  I like to think my diagramming skills have improved since then, but I’m not sure.


  1. kestrel says

    That is amazing, beautiful work!

    I don’t doubt you have improved. When I look back at my old work, I simply conclude that I really suck at writing directions to myself. It obviously made sense to me at the time, but… wow. I’m better with photographs, at least.

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