Origami: WXYZ Impostor

WXYZ IMpostor
WXYZ Impostor. The design is mine, but I include WXYZ units, designed by Tung Ken Lam.

Once a year, I run a little class to teach origami to kids. This year, one of the projects was to create the famous WXYZ model, which consists of four intersecting triangles (labeled W, X, Y, and Z). So I had been thinking about this model, and thought, I could design a variation on the theme. The result is shown above.

Once I had completed it, I realized I could not show this to the kids! It would just confuse them! The WXYZ Impostor looks like the model they were trying to create, but is slightly different in a way that is difficult to place. Check out the comparison below.

A side-by-side comparison of the WXYZ Impostor and WXYZ Triangles
Can you tell what the difference is?


  1. cvoinescu says

    In the original, all triangles intersect each other on a median. In the impostor, three triangles do, but the one in the near-vertical plane is rotated 30 degrees. The other triangles intersect it on lines parallel with the sides.

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