Even a Cow affairs minister could not save those cows

Rajasthan, a state in north west India is unique in the world. It’s government has a department and minister for Cow affairs. Establishment of such a ministry was the poll promise of Hindutva party, the BJP. After being elected to power again, the party duly set up a department for Cow affairs and appointed Otaram Devasi as the minister.

Now you may think the story of cows in the state will be that of glory and splendour. Unfortunately it was the opposite.

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5000 years old tradition ? So what ? Is it legal ?

The Jallikattu may be 5,000 years old, but whether the controversial bull fighting sport can continue will be decided legally, the Supreme Court (of India) told Tamil Nadu (state government) in sharp remarks today (July 26).

Rubbishing the state’s plea that Jallikattu should be allowed because it is a centuries old tradition, the court said, “In 1899, tens of thousands of girls below 12 years of age were married. Should we allow it today because it was a tradition at that time?”

The court said that it was a “constitutional and statutory issue” and that it would examine whether such a sport was permissible in law or not.

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