Homeopathic government

I usually struggle to understand conservative politics, but this morning I had a thought that might explain a lot. What if conservatives are trying to apply homeopathy as a societal/political remedy as well as a “medical” one? Homeopathy tries to treat diseases by applying doses of the original pathogen causing the problem, so why not try to solve other problems the same way? Too much gun violence in America? Just add more guns! Budget deficit? Make it harder to collect revenue! Refugee problem? Make more refugees!

It’s all part of the same mind-set that thinks the answer to abortion is to deny women access to birth control and reproductive health services. If you want to solve a problem, just take steps to make the problem worse. Homeopath all the things!

Hey, it probably works just as well in government as it does in medicine, right?


  1. says

    This presumes that they don’t desire these negative results. They really do desire more people to have more guns. Their theory is that guns prevent violence and the only reason there is more violence is because there aren’t enough guns. They really do desire the government to have constricted revenue. These are still the ones who want to drown it in the bathtub. They really do desire chaos in Islamic countries. Their theory is that Christianity is the civilized religion and so intend to fulfill their own prophecy. They believe there must always be net chaos anyway and this all somehow will lead to Armageddon, yet another desirable negative result.

  2. jh says

    I’m not sure about that. If this were true, the solution to abortions would be to mandate that all pregnant women have an abortion. This is insanity that we are watching. A willful denial of reality. It is emotional thinking rather than reasoned thought based on evidence. It is extreme selfishness. It is a sense of victim hood even though the “victim” is losing perceived privilege rather than suffering true crimes against their self.

    That’s why they ignore the plight of the slaves and look at the poor white slave owners who lost their property. In their mindset – the poor white slave owners are suffering as much, if not more, than the slaves suffered and suffered after their emancipation. This is not rational.

    And the republicans capitalize on this in their desperate desire for power. They preach divisive rhetoric while appearing as lambs. They are not adults. They are the one’s pushing the mindless mob towards violence.

  3. says

    >If this were true, the solution to abortions would be to mandate that all pregnant women have an abortion.

    This is just another hint that abortion is not the real issue for them, but a convenient front for their general anti-woman attitude. The attacks on Planned Parenthood are attacks on all the diverse medical and advisory services which PP provides to women. For example, there was a recent comment by a presidential candidate that “we ‘let’ women drive”, implying not so covertly that denying women the right to drive is on their agenda once PP is dead and buried.

    • StevoR says

      @ ^ Tige Gibson : Which Presidential candidate and when? Got a source please? Not that I don’t believe you but curious to find out more.

      Certainly not surprised that the Republican esp Teaparty Sednan rightwingers are also, it seems, going after contraception and sex education as well as abortion.

      Its all about power and controlling women and a culture steeped to its rotten core with misogyny among other bigotries I think.

    • Deacon Duncan says

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      • John Morales says

        Worked fine for me just now.

        It’s possible that if someone is running add-ons on their browser restricting scripts or external calls (e.g. adblockers, noscript, requestpolicy etc) they need to be adjusted to allow successful login.

  4. Robert,+not+Bob says

    On guns, I’m sure less (or more) gun violence is irrelevant. More guns sold=continuing NRA bribes. That and being pro-gun has become a tribal marker.

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    • John Morales says

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    • Deacon Duncan says

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  6. blf says

    Homeopathetic quackery is not just “treating like with vanishingly small amounts of like”, but also shaking the bejesus out of it (succussion), to, I don’t know, scare away any remaining molecules. So what is succussion in the homeopathetic hypothesis of hypocritical government? Extrajudicial executions of everyone who doesn’t agree is my guess, as it scares away the few remaining sane people.

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