Spell check of the week


Did you mean: Totalitarianism?

Just got this while spell-checking this week’s post on Evangelical Realism, about how Pastor Feinstein’s presuppositional argument leads to polytheism instead of Trinitarianism.


  1. says

    As I said, I’m going through these articles. I just finished reading this one. I am blown away at how you didn’t just stop at what was wrong with the one and many argument. You went deep and teased out how it contradicts the thing he is trying to use it to prove.

    I hope you really read it closely and thought about it. Otherwise, your skills in this regard cast such a large shadow over mine it would be disheartening.

    • Deacon Duncan says

      Don’t be discouraged. What I wrote in that series is dealing with issues that I’ve been studying and grinding my way through for years. Pastor Feinstein’s arguments did require a certain amount of thought and analysis, but much of it was simpler for me just because I’ve been chewing on this subject for so long.

      Good luck to you with your own discussion(s).

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