Prayer as a firewall

Voice of the Martyrs Canada reports that government-sponsored hackers in Iran are taking down Christian web sites with DDOS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) attacks.

Mohabat News, which serves Persian Christians in Iran and surrounding countries, has been shut down repeatedly in the past year. In February, cyber-attacks shut down the site for two days.

On August 19, attackers overloaded the server and forced the site down for three days. Managers of Mohabat News were eventually able to transfer the website onto a more secure server operating outside the country. Other such sites, however, are not able to operate from an outside server, raising fears that they will continue to be vulnerable to attacks.

Their high-tech solution?

Please join us in praying!

  • Pray that the attacks on Mohabat News and other such sites will cease.

Yes, that ought to do it. Which is why Mohabat News moved their server elsewhere, instead of just praying about it.



  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    What evidence does “Voice of the Martyrs” (rather jihadi name, don’t you think?) have that these DDOS attacks come from the government? Last I heard, Ahmedinejad’s merry pranksters preferred a more hands-on approach…

    Gotta give VotM a nod for sincerity, or something resembling it, anyhow: four bulleted response points, and not one of them asking for money…

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