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Apr 13 2014

OK you hardcore webpage divas & start up devs, how can we get rich?

So, I think I have a job and I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who have helped keep me afloat through 2013, which I hope will soon be the toughest year of my adult life fading in the rearview mirror. This particular job is a network support role and involves …

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Jan 27 2014

The American dream by region


This image was going around a few weeks ago showing upward mobility by region. Notice how Yuppiehood is greatly diminished in conservative regions. Again, I’m not that partisan, it’s just that current GOP policies do not work:

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Jan 20 2014

Great op-ed on the root of wealth inequality

An op-ed worth reading popped up in the NYT over the weekend. It’s written by a former “wiz-kid” who was pulling in millions by age 30 and grew disillusioned:

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Dec 11 2013

GOP base lashes out at budget deal: An inconvenient poutrage

I’m having PC issues and can’t wait to have a better system, I’ll have an update on that tomorrow. For now, do you have any spare DDR3 RAM, or would you please consider hitting my tip jar above and improving my shitty circumstances. The Republican base doesn’t like the budget worked out by the Republican …

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Jun 15 2013

A temporary lapse of reason

Corporate America is stuck between a rock and a hard place. More accurately, between customer and service. Ultimately, any company that has a customer is in the customer service business. But few CEOs and other big wigs like to think of themselves that way. They like to think they’re developers or accountants or what have …

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Jun 08 2013

Lt Gov candidate in Virginia notes you are a vessel for Satan

  Pastor E. W. Jackson is running for the crucial job of Lt. Governor in Virginia. Can we dispense with which party he’s in? It’s a critical post in VA because that state’s senate is split and the Lt Gov casts the tie breaker. He’s quite a piece of work and exhibit A for why …

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May 13 2013

Money doesn’t kill people, Austerity kills people

In most any civilized space-time that headline would be unassailable. Remove or reduce food, shelter, and medical care, and more people die. Some get so depressed by facing all of that, they choose the only way out they see. But we live in interesting times, where facts don’t count for a huge chunk of the purportedly most prosperous …

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Mar 19 2013

Dying Iraq War vet unloads on Bush and Cheney

This was posted and marked as compiled from an Iraq War vet who was paralyzed in an ambush in Sadr City in 2004. He is now reportedly under end of life hospice care for complications from that wound. Regardless of his condition and prognosis, the points made are painfully dead on balls accurate. There are still …

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Feb 26 2013

The Sequester, she approaches


Once again we see the bizarre creature that was once a consistent political partyP cleave into the beast with two heads. One head talks to the base and their propaganda organs in a language it hopes only they understand, cheering on the sequester and the downfall of Big Evil Government (When dems hold the WHtm). The other …

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Feb 24 2013

NASA and NewSpace to suffer under sequestration

This kind of gives you an idea of the broad reach of what will happen if, at the end of next week, Congress isn’t able to cook up another deal to punt decision-making another month or year or whatever down the road:

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