Feb 04 2013

Good day, and some input needed

It was a busy day, too busy to post, but no one I know died, no one I know tried to kill themselves, I didn’t suffer any major health set backs. My finances are in decent order. Plus I was able to walk a brisk mile and a half in cardiac rehab, then do some stair stepping; which almost gave me enough of my usual runner’s/workout fix that I felt halfway normal for the first time in weeks.

I may be on some radio and, possibly, some TV shows this month. Starting this Thursday as a matter of fact, I’ll be on Kagro in the Morning. Which has grown quite a bit since the last time I was on. February is healthy heart month so I’ll be discussing that with another guest, Dr. Greg Dworkin. I’d like to do a short bit on anti-science ledge, so please, post or email any suggestions.


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    StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Very broad topic there – anything in particular : Climate Change Deniers, anti-vaxxers, misunderstanndings and outright myths about biology esp. relating to women & human sexuality (always good for ratings?), lack of further progress in space exploration since the 1970′s Apollo moon landings or at least the Shuttles and investment in science generally?

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    Arizona Senate bill 1213 which calls for teachers to basically Teach the controversy and respect “differences of opinion on matters of science especially evolution and climate change” I do not have a link as I am on my phone but I think the National Center for Science Education has something.

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    Also house bill 13-1089 in Colorado the aims of which were the same but that one was defeated in committee 7 -6 (House committee on Education)

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