Nov 30 2012

Post em if you got em

No way to know if the lady in the video is legit or part of a marketing scheme. But I want to see the movie anyway. Until then, I’m looking for cool science articles to link tomorrow on the Daily Kos science thread. Post em in comments with a brief description if you got em!


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    Here’s good news from the UK

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    Good to see you posting more often. Based on your posts, I have made the assumption that you and I tread a lot of similar territory on the internet but here are a couple of suggestions.

    Increasing melt at both poles

    DNA Legos

    Valles Marineris

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    I really liked this piece:

    I like it because it shows an imaginative and creative approach to scientific research. I also thought that the result was cool!

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    Francisco Bacopa

    If she’s a paid actress, they got their money’s worth.

    Don’t we all really want to see this movie now?

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    When I see anyone getting that emotional about any subject, I stop watching. I want fact based opinions not emotional clap-trap.

    Not saying she’s wrong; just saying I won’t listen to her until she’s calmed down a bit.


    Just to be clear, I think global warming is happening right now.

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    This week in science: Red Rover, Red Rover, nothing new to send over? | Hotspyer – Breaking News from around the web

    [...] don’t know if this video of the Bill O’Reilly fan having a come-to-jesus moment on climate change is legit or not. But [...]

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