Stem cells we can ALL agree on

The culture wars rage around embryonic stem cells vs. adult stem cells, there are pluripotent and totipotent cells, there are even cancer stem cells. But here’s a new stem cell technology we can all agree on: steak and burger stems cells! No, it’s not a joke, it’s real. At least that’s what a Dutch researcher says:

(Link) The Dutchman wants to grow a burger, and eventually steaks in laboratories using muscle stem cells, changing meat from a farming process to a factory process. The stem cell is a unique and extraordinary type of cell that can replicate itself several times and split into a number of specialised cell types, such as muscle cells – which can in turn be grown into strips that can be made into a hamburger, and eventually a steak.

It’s about fucking time. First of all, meat produced by animals is inefficient, it takes a lot of carbs and time to convert oats into filet mignon. Secondly, and I say this as an avid meat-eater, I don’t like the thought of raising animals in horrid conditions and killing them by the billions just so that I can have crunchy bacon in the morning or a slice of tender pot roast for dinner. Up to now there’s been no way around it, you either don’t eat meat or you participate, directly or indirectly, in killing animals. I dare say even vegetarians would be down with this idea, if it pans out. OK, that last part was in bad taste.