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May 15 2013

Life is more important than boobs!


‘Angelina Jolie wrote on the Op-Ed page of The New York Times that she had tested positive for a genetic mutation known as BRCA1, which left her with an exceedingly high risk for developing breast and ovarian cancer. Her mother died at 56 after nearly a decade with cancer. After genetic counseling, Ms. Jolie opted …

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Mar 23 2013

It is not about blaming the victims, it is about blaming the women.

Martin S Pribble, an Australian atheist blogger sent me his article on recent rape cases.I always like when men write for women’s rights and freedom, and protest against oppression of women. Martin wrote:

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Mar 21 2013

‘The Feminist Housewife!’

When we women in the East are learning from the Western feminists how to fight for our rights and freedom, opposing patriarchy and misogyny, breaking the age-old shackles, denying to be dependent on men, to be a slave of men, to be a cook, a cleaner, a care taker, refusing to be a child producing …

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Mar 19 2013

A fable


Women had a little bit of rights in Egypt. But they did not like the dictator. So they went to Tahrir Square. They cried out loud. Demanded rights. Freedom.

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Mar 09 2013

‘Free Speech is a feminist issue’!

Meredith Tax is a brave feminist writer who has been fighting against gender-based censorship for decades. She believes, ‘free speech is a feminist issue’. I agree with her. She says: “The subordination of women is basic to all social systems based on dominance; for this reason, conservatives hate and fear the voices of women. That …

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Mar 09 2013

Those Motherfuckers!


Who give birth to those motherfuckers? For fuck’s sake, stop producing them!

Mar 08 2013

Women’s Day in a Man’s World!


Police beating up women who asked for the voting rights, 1910. 100 years passed. Police still beat up women’s rights marchers. Men still laugh at them, try to break their unity. Men still hate women, become Men’s Rights Activists. 100 years passed. Some significant changes occurred in some parts of the world in the last …

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Mar 05 2013

Bravo Iranian Women! I Salute You!

I wish all veiled Muslim women could remove their veils, get nude, and say loudly: ‘Hijab is not my choice. Islam wants to control women. Women have the right to get their rights, human rights, equality, freedom. Hijab is not my choice. Hijab is a tool for discrimination against women. No to hijab. No to …

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Jan 26 2013

Silent women speaking up!

India republic

Jan 24 2013

Good questions, good answers.

Gloria Steinem answered to some questions on violence against women. Q: What do you think are the origins of male violence against women? Is it rooted in a patriarchal society? Is it biological? Sociological? A desire for power and control? A: The origins of violence against women by men are not biological. If that were …

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