1. Hindu says

    Algorithm for ‘Talebanization’. The source code was originally written in Arabic but now it is also written in many other languages and successfully been executing in many countries, in many countries it is being installed but waiting for execution, there are a huge number of countries where the program is running successfully. It is actually a virus planted by a notorious psycho-programmer known as Mohammad. Uninstall the program or kill the virus as soon as possible to save the system for functioning normally. Once cleansed off the virus, use a strong anti-virus to protect your system from future attack.

  2. says

    Taslima, Why you are always after sex, some time using vagina, some time penis, some time fuck, everything on earth to incite sexual tempraments ? Perhaps it appears that you have become sex starved or sex perverted or you do not have any work on writing front! kksingh

    • says

      I have seen many dickheads, but you are the most idiot disckhead, Mr. Singh. If you do not try to become educated now, you will live the rest of your life and then die as an idiot dickhead. Poor you!

      • rastogi says

        I’m sure KK Singh is a muslim fanatic signing in as Mr Singh. Pakistani fanatics do this all the time.

      • No One says


        As an owner of a dick, with the associated “head”, I protest the comparison of KK Singh’s intellect and character to a dickhead. I assure you my dick has more intellect and character.

    • No One says

      It works like this; your daddy put his “Pee Pee” inside your mommie’s “Pee Pee”. Daddy’s “little fish” swam in mommy and found an egg, and then mommie’s belly became really big… nine months later mommie spread her legs and you came out. There. Is it all clear for you now?

    • steve oberski says

      Dear Mr . Singh,

      Does this really “incite” your sexual tempraments (sic) ?

      That is very sad.

      I blame it on childhood religious indoctrination.

  3. left0ver1under says

    And how much effort would it take to put a shemagh on backwards, solving the problem with much less cloth?

  4. Amrout Kaalay says

    Some people have not understood their religion fully. No religion tells us to dominate women. It is the woman who gives birth to us and it is us who made religions which means all religions are in existence because of women.and now some section of society are trying to dominate women under the name of religion. Wake-up people.

  5. Mujtahidul Haque says

    Women gave birth to them, that’s who.

    And raised as a (former) Bangladeshi Muslim, I was raised from birth to hate all females and believe they are all evil temptresses who will corrupt me and send me to hell. Ironically enough, the vast majority of this teaching was by my mother, who chastises other women for not covering up enough.

  6. says

    Q: “Who give birth to those motherfuckers?”

    A: Women.

    As another commenter has commented, using sexual terms to denote disrespect for someone does not speak highly of one’s own view of sexuality. “Fuck you” should be a blessing, not a curse!

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