Women’s Day in a Man’s World!

Police beating up women who asked for the voting rights, 1910.

100 years passed. Police still beat up women’s rights marchers. Men still laugh at them, try to break their unity. Men still hate women, become Men’s Rights Activists.

100 years passed. Some significant changes occurred in some parts of the world in the last 100 years, e.g. rape is now outdated, gangrape is a trend, raping women is now old fashioned, raping children is a trend.

100 years have passed. It’s Women’s Day today. Will men stop exploiting, harassing, oppressing, torturing, raping, trafficking, murdering women at least for today?

The answer I get is, no, they won’t.

It is a shame for human species that they need a Day for Women to inspire men to stop violence against woman and learn to treat women as humans. Men should be ashamed of themselves as long as it is necessary to have Women’s Day.

(Someone asked me about Man’s Day. I said, don’t worry Man’s Day will begin just after a few hours and continue until 8th of March 2014.)


  1. haripriya sawe says

    Men vil b Men! So who said dnt b? D onli difference between a man n woman is created by d super power is for reproduction. Did dat mean they are granted rape too??
    Y blame men alone for the everyday torture,the treatment women get from these selfish souls?? Its women I hv observed n come across everyday who r ones who like 2 gt treated dat way. Der vil b difference in d scenario onli ven women learn 2 stand 4 themselves!! Discrimination starts right from birth! N dis is accepted.. Just STOP wat is laden on you,oh woman, n c for urself how d men stumble! Stop entertaining d boy child n pampering @ evry step. Teach him 2 do his own things! Dis is d stage dat needs renovation. “Childhood!” Onli den u expect changes or jus keep bearing it all like u did all dees eras..

  2. mofa says

    This is hate speech, you are not even trying to hide your hatred for men. Does IWD excuse you for being civil today? Or are you a bigot every day?

  3. Agni_B says

    Women don’t need any particular day assigned to them to celebrate. Woman’s significance cannot be confined to just one day. All special days have just been created as a gimmick to serve different strategies. Does designating a day do anything more than give lip service to an exaggerated sense of progress ?

    Lost its original meaning and purpose. This event is not about recognizing women for their achievement and intelligence. It is about cultivating a sense of grievance and entitlement in order to manipulate them by various interest groups.

    They seduce naive idealistic people using feel-good platitudes like “equality,” “peace” and “human rights .Most special days have been invented by greeting card manufacturers and UN bureaucrats, these don’t promote equality between the sexes or deal with oppression.

    UN a white elephant rubber stump body failed on every account to deal with all human rights issue. Promoting a day to celebrate is just avoiding the real issue and justifying their fat cheque

    What agenda International Women’s Day it is trying to promote. If it seeks to highlight the appalling
    Inequalities, injustice that many women experience in the world then it must be seen as a good thing. However the agenda is being driven by smug right wing middle class women & feminist from the developed world is nothing more than a token gesture. .

    Woman’s Day must not become International Feminists day, designed to make women feel oppressed and create sense of victim mentality We must not tear families and the social fabric apart. Society is complicit in its own destruction


  4. Justice Day says

    As a woman in America I can’t celebrate a day that has no meaning. The US allows our troops to rape women in and out of the military. They pass a VAWA Bill and don’t enforce it. Women around the world are victims in a day and age where this shouldn’t be happening.

    The problem is as women we talk more than take action, at least in America. Women here do not support each other and actually blame rape victims.


  5. thrissurp.v.rajan says

    Woman should respect man and man should respect woman. I think this is the best way for all…

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