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May 26 2014

Universal Citizenship


That was last year. We celebrated universal citizenship this year inside and outside of the Paris city hall. People were invited to make their universal citizenship passports. They made passports and then they put their passports on the white wall in front the city hall. There should be no national boundary. World belongs to everybody. …

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Mar 18 2014

Yes, That’s Humanism

A short Humanist animation written & produced by the British Humanist Association about how we learn what’s true through the use of evidence and science. I just love these videos. Hope British Humanists will continue producing more videos like these and help to eradicate ignorance.

Feb 23 2014

We do not need divine assitance for anything really

You are old, you are retired, you are lonely, you are depressed, you are derailed, you want to get rid of alcohol addiction, drug addiction, porn addiction, you are bedridden or in jail – people will advise you to do some irrational stuff like reading holy books, praying to god etc. but rational people do …

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Jul 05 2013

We meet for a good cause


I attended two atheist-humanist conferences in last two months. One was in Kamloops, Canada and another was in Dublin, Ireland. Canada conference’s topic was Imagine no religion. You can listen to almost everyone here. Ireland conference’s topic was Empowering women through secularism. Here you will get to listen to all great speakers. It was a …

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May 24 2013

One world. One passport.


I received a Universal Citizenship Passport yesterday. The organizers seriously issued passports for 100 people . A milestone was achieved yesterday with the official launch of the Organisation for Universal Citizenship at UNESCO in Paris and the official handover of passports to people. I am grateful to Emmaüs International, France Libertés and Mouvement Utopia for …

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May 04 2013

No more religious ceremonies!

I am going to give you a very good news. The news is, humanist weddings have become increasingly popular in Scotland, and they may outnumber Church of Scotland weddings if current trends continue. Bravo Scotland! I have been to a few humanist wedding in Germany and Sweden in ’90s. If I were not against marriage, …

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Nov 20 2012

Crazy Catholics!

femen 1

Fuck God Fuck Church Fuck Religion In Gay We Trust

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Nov 20 2012

Stop these killings now.

I have sympathy neither for Hamas nor for Israeli government. They both brutally kill people. I cried for six million innocent Jews who were tortured and killed by Nazi Germany. I cry for innocent Palestinians who get killed by Israel.

Nov 13 2012

No more celebration of misogyny !


India is celebrating Diwali, the festival of lights. But Indian feminist author Rita Banerji is not celebrating it, because she does not like the Diwali story. She thinks the gods and the traditions people celebrate in India, contain the seeds of violence against women and girls. She says:

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Nov 04 2012

A religious mother murdered her son for ‘failing to learn the Quran’

A mother murdered her son and set his body on fire when he struggled to learn the Quran off by heart. Sara Ege used a stick to beat seven-year-old Yaseen “like a dog” if he couldn’t recite passages from the Islamic text. The beatings were so brutal that the boy died from his injuries, and …

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