We meet for a good cause

I attended two atheist-humanist conferences in last two months. One was in Kamloops, Canada and another was in Dublin, Ireland.
Canada conference’s topic was Imagine no religion.

You can listen to almost everyone here.

Ireland conference’s topic was Empowering women through secularism. Here you will get to listen to all great speakers.
It was a privilege to meet great scientists, humanists, and great thinkers of our time in both conferences. We do not waste our time by repeating there-is-no-god, because we all are pretty sure that there is no god. Rather we talk about science, evolution, education, secularism, women’s rights, rights of LGBTQ and many other important issues. Our aim is to make people better people and to make the world a better place. Atheism alone can not do everything.

When we are not on the stage, we do not forget to have some good time for ourselves.
Here we are:

dan denette





Daniel Dennette, PZ Myers, Ophelia Benson, Sean Faircloth, Michael Nugent, Ann Brusseel, Jane Donnelly, Annie Laurie Gaylor, Nina Sankari, Maryam Namazie, me and others.




Next time you should try not to miss great conferences on atheism, secularism, feminism, and humanism.


  1. says

    Thank You Madam,
    I dn’t have any believe in religion. That program was interesting. I am very much small in compare with you and others. After joining Social Media I got continuous support from you and others ( Those are advanced minded also free from so called values). All Social worker from any where knows about you. What responsibility you have had executed on sociocultural field that will be counted by 21st century. Today I received one news by ‘Pratham Aalo’. That was covered regarding marriage. Within blood relation marriage is not allowed biological science. This message very important for any feud o-cultural religion. You had tried to convey this message earlier. I have full support to your movement. In future if required any co-operation from me I will try my best to extend our association as a little grass.
    শুেভচছা জানাই। অরথৈনিতকভােব দীররঘিদন সমসযায় আিছ। তবু আপনার বলেগর েলখা িনয়িমত েমল েপেল পড়ার ইেচছ রইল।

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