Universal Citizenship

That was last year.

We celebrated universal citizenship this year inside and outside of the Paris city hall.

People were invited to make their universal citizenship passports.


They made passports and then they put their passports on the white wall in front the city hall.

There should be no national boundary. World belongs to everybody. Everybody should have freedom of movement, freedom of migration and settlement. Nobody should suffer from inequalities and injustices. Nobody should be oppressed because of his or her gender, nationality, ethnicity, language, colour, ideology, age. It is still a dream. But we are working to make our dream come true.


  1. says

    An ideal world would have no need for police. So, let’s move closer to this ideal world by abolishing all police. Do you think it will work? (Note: For those who might not get it, the previous sentences are satire. Hopefully you see the connection to the universal citizenship. A classic case of putting the cart before the horse.

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