Sexual Jihad

Jihadists asked for Muslim women’s bodies where they could dump their semen. Since then Muslim women have been offering their bodies for sex to comfort jihadists. Brainless bodies agreed to be fucked. They don’t mind to be sex slaves of Jihadists. They believe that by comforting Jihadists they participate in Jihad in order to please Allah the almighty. Muslim men need whores on earth and hoors in heaven. Pink virgins of heaven are called hoors in Arabic. These jihadists are expert in two things. Fucking and killing.

Muslim women from Tunisia, Australia, UK, Malaysia went to Syria and Iraq for sexual jihad. Many came back home pregnant.


The world wouldn’t change if men do not stop violence and women do not stop stupidity.

The follower of Muhammad the prophet of Islam.

The Australian ‘Islamic State’ terrorist followed the order of his beloved prophet about what to do with non Muslims or non believers or the Muslims who do not like the idea of terrorism. I am not surprised. They are going to convert the world to the land of Islam. The land of Islam will definitely be the land of killers.